Wednesday, November 28, 2007

8 Weeks

Today Jackson is 8 weeks old! Time is flying by! Speaking of time, I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. We got down the Christmas stuff last night, and Wes made fun of me because of how much I have (really how much WE have, but I don't think he sees it that way, lol ;-) ). I finally got to my hair stylist today - finally. Any of you who have had children and had 6 inch roots know exactly what I'm talking about, haha. I'm taking a poll of who people think Jackson looks like. Most people say Wes, but some say it's a mix. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather him look like Wes, but I just don't see it! Let me know what y'all think either here on the blog or email me. Anyway, here's a few pics from today celebrating Jackson's 8 week old anniversary. Speaking of anniversaries - Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! You're a great role model :-) Hope we make it as long as y'all!!!!

This is his play mat. He stayed on it and played by himself for about 15 minutes today. May not sound like much to some, but you're able to get a lot done in 15 minutes - bottles and a load of laundry :-) If the turtle is blurry, it's because Jackson likes to hit him and watch him swing.

And, of course, after all that play, you need a nap!!!

Getting sleepy again...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl

WAR EAGLE!!!! 6 in a row!!! We had a great Thanksgiving week, and truly have a lot to be thankful for this year :-) Tuesday we headed down to Mandeville to visit with Uncle Noel and Aunt Joanna after Jackson's doctors appointment. He now weighs 10 1/2 pounds! He's starting to outgrow some of his newborn outfits and it makes me so sad :-( Jackson did great on the 5 hour ride down to LA. He slept about 4 hours of the ride. We spent Thanksgiving day with Joanna's family and had a great time. Early Friday morning, we left Mandeville to head to Auburn. Again, Jackson did great in the car for another 5 hour ride. What a weekend! Friday we did Thanksgiving with Wes' family, then we tailgated all day Saturday leading up to the game. Jackson and I stayed at the trailer and watched it on tv, while everyone else went to the game. It was so much fun, especially because of the win! This is my last week at home before I go back to work, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts...

All bundled up outside by the fire...this lasted for about 10 minutes :-)

Pops overlooking the big shrimp boil we did on gameday

Granddad can't believe how much I've grown!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Daddy Time

This was a busy weekend for me, leaving Wes at home with Jackson for most of it. We had a birthday party for someone from work on Friday, so I was gone then, and Saturday morning I left about 7 to go to our Board of Directors Retreat. For those of you who don't know, I was elected to the BOD for our state association, ALANA. I know some of you have asked me about it, so I've included a link to it on the side. Go to the "about us" section and you'll get to a picture of me:-) I will be serving a 2 year term. So anyway, I was gone overnight Saturday at the retreat. Wes' parents came in town to stay with him and Jackson while I was gone. There's a few pics of them below. We are getting ready to travel to see my brother for Thanksgiving. We have even more to be thankful for this year!!! After that it will be off to AUBURN. Yea!!! WDE!! Btw, for my Bama friends, can we get the scouting report on La Monroe for our game against them next year - haha. Anyone who's gonna be down there, give us a call and maybe we can meet up. Jackson and I aren't going to the game, only tailgating. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving :-)

Nonnie and Jackson, with a baby smile on his face.

Catching a catnap in Pops' arms

Friday, November 16, 2007

6 weeks

Jackson turned 6 weeks old Wednesday. Daphne, you're right, he's grown a lot since you saw him and that was just a week ago, lol. He's got to be at least 10 pounds. My back and arms are definitely getting a workout!!! Last night we laid him down in his crib to go to sleep, and of course, he woke up and started to squirm, BUT 10 min later, he'd worked himself to sleep :-D Very exciting news for us! This is the first time he's done that and not started screaming bloody murder. He also did it today when I laid him down for a nap. Hopefully this trend will continue...Yesterday we had to take Jackson to get an ultrasound of his hips. This is something they do since breech babies sometimes have hip problems. When the docs checked him at the hospital and at the docs office, they weren't concerned. Of course, y'all know me, and I still was. The tech said everything looked fine, but we'd hear from the office soon. We go back next week for the 6-8 weeks checkup, so I'm sure they'll let us know then. More on that later. Here's a couple of pics from this week :-)

Bath time - Jackson now loves bath time. He hated it for about the first 2 weeks of life, but once we were able to put him in a bath tub, he's been great. In fact, it will stop the screams of colic when you pour warm water on the little man :-) Now he's outgrown his first bathtub.

Tummy time. Jackson's doing very well on his stomach. He makes crawling movements and can work himself up on this little pillow.

The big boy holding his head up and checking out the scene.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

This was the busiest weekend we've had since Jackson's been born. We've been go, go, go, and he's done great with it. Saturday we went over to Leesa and Jason's to watch the game (which we don't want to talk about!!!) and Jackson got to play with his friend Jack. Jack is about 5 months old and Jackson is 5 weeks now. They were born exactly 16 weeks apart. They were so cute together laying on the bed when we were taking pictures. Jack reached out and grabbed Jackson's hand - it was the most precious thing I've seen in a while:-) Then since the game was so terrible, we left a little early and went to meet Mary, Chris, and Emma for Mexican. Then they came over to our house until Emma had to go to bed. Sunday was another big day. We went to a newcomer's breakfast at church, then headed down to Pelham to see a bunch of people: Ashley and Clarence, Allison and Weston, Rachel, Nathan, Evie and Meri, Jennie, and Kristi - a whole housefull!! It was great to see everyone :-D After a couple hours over there, we went home for a bit, then headed to Chris and Mary's to grill out. Like I said before, Jackson did great with all the travelling and people seeing. The real test will be for the Thanksgiving whirlwind next week. Thanks to everyone for the prayers for the colic. It amazes me how many people we know who have kids or family or friends with kids who've had it. We'll get through it soon enough, I know...

Jackson usually is really good in the carseat, once we get in the car and get going. He doesn't like it at first though if he's awake when he goes in it.
Ohh, who are we going to see now?

How sweet is this!!!!!

Jackson's friend, Jack Lee.

Friday, November 9, 2007

See Ya Later Alligator

I love this little outfit! The hat didn't last any longer than the pics though - lol. Thanks Kike and Laura :-)

Today we took Jackson out on two trips, nothing big, but we're still getting used to travelling with child, haha. First we went run some errands and then to the Galleria. He was so good all morning and afternoon. He just cried once at the mall when he was tired. As soon as I picked him up outta the car seat, he calmed down and then went to sleep when we put him back in the car seat. Happy baby morning :-) Tonight has been a different story. We went to see Tara, Thomas, and Mason, and we had a fussy spell. It really was the worst he's had yet - damn colic. He cried for at least 30 minutes straight and nothing helped. You could tell his stomach was hurting and he was also gassy:-( I hate when he cries!! It breaks my heart. On the upside, he was able to visit with his cousins for a little bit :-) Thomas decided he wanted another baby, but was quickly shot down. He also took us on a trip down memory lane asking us if we remembered when he was that little and couldn't walk...seems like yesterday. Mason didn't know what to think, especially when Jackson was crying. He just kept pointing and saying "baby." Jackson quieted down on the car ride home and when we fed him, but is now fired up again. If anyone has helpful suggestions, send them our way. We've tried everything we can think of, and just trade off holding him every 10 min or so when he's really upset. It's just so pitiful though! And, for those of you who have had kids and were swollen when you were pregnant - when did your hands go down? I still can't wear my wedding bands!!!! They won't fit over my knuckles. Just wondering b/c everything else has pretty much gone back to normal... Other than that, we're good. Ready for the game tomorrow :-) War Eagle!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

5 weeks

Jackson is 5 weeks old today :-) We are all still doing good, but there has been an increase in the amount of fussiness the little one has, especially from about 6-11 pm. I put Jackson on the scale with me and he weighs about 9 1/2 pounds! Leesa brought her son Jack over this morning. It was great to see them. They didn't stay long because Jackson got a in a fussy spell, then Jack started to get upset. It was so pitiful when they both were crying :-( And Daphne came over last night - it was great to see her. We hope you have a little one soon!!! Here's a few 5 week old pics...

Jackson is still not sure what to think of his swing. He'll stay in it for just a little bit before starting to cry.

I'm a big boy - Jackson is already holding his head up on his own!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

1st Trip to Auburn

Yea!!! My first trip to Auburn! This weekend we took Jackson to the Plains :-) He and I stayed out during the game and listened to it on the radio. He did really good on this road trip. He is so good in the car. He is either quiet and looking around or sleeping (mainly sleeping though). Note the bouncy seat - it has become the essential item that we can't live w/o- thank you Tara for it!! We had a great time tailgating with Wes' parents and some other friends. Jackie and I walked Jackson down to Tiger Walk. Since it was homecoming, it was packed with kids. Jackson slept through it - like the car, once we get going in the stroller, he sleeps - haha. I'm looking at this as a good thing :-D Maybe next year we'll take Jackson to a game...we'll see.

Wes and Jackson bright and early in the morning before we left. It was so cold! Note the new truck in the background :-)

Sleeping at Tiger Walk.