Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family Weekend and Happy CRNA Week!!!

My family came to visit this weekend, and it was great to see everyone! But all that fun means there needs to be down time, too, and here was a sweet moment between my guys :) It's so rare that Jackson stops and wants to cuddle, that we cherish every second!!!

Noel Mark and Joanna came up for a couple of days and it was so nice :) We hate that they live so far away and we don't get to see them that often.

A quiet moment around the house...

Jackson with his Granddad

Learning how to take pics from Uncle Noel, who was so kind as to take some family pics of us today. I hope they turned out well, but it's like rolling the dice with Jackson these days. I really wanted to get one of him kissing my belly, but he wasn't going for anything today. He was holding a hair brush and playing with it and if you tried to take it from him, he lost, lol.

Finally, Happy Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Week to all the CRNAs out there!!! I love my job and here I am at work :D I know, I know, you're all jealous of the stylish blue hat ;)

Hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lucas' New Pics

Yesterday we had our 4-D ultrasound of Lucas, so here are a few of his pictures. There are lots more, but they all pretty much look the same, and most of them only show parts of his face instead of the whole thing. He did pretty good, but we did have to take a break in the middle when he turned his head away from the US machine. But then he turned back around for a few more shots. I'm amazed at how much clearer these are when I compared them to Jackson's. So, here's what we'll be seeing in about 9 weeks!!!

Our beautful little one :)

I just thought this was too cute - he's sticking his tongue out!!! How funny is that? He and Jackson will get along great (at some point, lol).

Here's J's from about a year and a half ago. Still good, but not as clear, right?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Working Weekend

We've had a working weekend around our house. It's the first time in about 6 weeks that we've been here, not gone anywhere, I've not worked at least part of the weekend, or something like that. So what did we around the house - fun, fun ;) We've gotten Luke's room completely cleaned out now, but we're still getting everything reorganized downstairs where we moved all of that stuff that filled the room. And of course, we've been going through it as we moved it, so it's just been a blast. Wes has finished staining Jackson's new toy chest that he got for Christmas, and it's just begging to be put in the den under the desk! Overall we've gotten a ton done this weekend, but it's all those little things that make you wonder where the time went, lol. Our best Christmas present to ourselves was our Roomba. We used to have to sweep about 5 times a day picking up after Jackson, but now, we have our trusty friend, who does it for us. Jackson just stands and watches it, still not quite sure, but he hasn't jumped on it yet.

Jackson, of course, ran circles around us as we worked. We did decide to move his rocking chair downstairs in hope that he may sit still, at least for a few minutes a day. I think it's going to work...

Last night Wes grilled steaks for us, and I just had to share his reminds me of a postman - neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...nothing stops a man from his grill, right :D Of course, I'm not complaining b/c I love my steak!

Today we've just done more around the house, but since the sun was finally out and the weather wasn't bitterly cold, I took Jackson outside for a while to let him run off some energy. He loves being outside, which is great b/c so do we! Here he is taking a (very) brief break from dragging around the broom.

He loves to climb up in the Auburn chairs, then climb back down, and repeat.

Hats don't stay on his head very long, but we keep trying.

Playing on his gift from Santa. The funniest thing is to play peek-a-boo with him using the different holes on the sides. He just laughs and laughs!

Playing around the plastic was electric - just look at that hair!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. We're just settled in front of the tv watching football now. Surprised at the way Arizona is playing, and hoping that Pittsburgh plays well and wins tonight!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Check up and Lunch out

Jackson went for his 15 month check up today and everything looks great! He has figured out about the doctor's office though, and was hysterical as soon as we took his clothes off and put him on the scale. Seriously, we've never seen him like that, and although I'm sure they're used to it, I felt bad for the nurses. Somewhere in his head, he knew already he was getting a couple of shots before we left :( He's still a little low on the weight end of things, only 20 pounds and 7 ounces (4th percentile) and he's 30th percentile for height. But since he eats so well and runs all day long, we expect his weight to continue along the same curve ;) So, we'll go back in another 3 months and see how much he's grown :)

After such a traumatic morning, I was glad we had some friends in town to meet for lunch. Allison and Wes are in town for the weekend, so we met up with them and Ali's mom and grandmother for lunch. It was so good to see them, it's been ages since they live so far away! So Jackson got to eat pizza for lunch, which he loves :) He wouldn't look at the camera though when we tried to get a few pics, but he sat and was occupied by Wes' expert coloring skills while we waited on our food, so I'd say he did great overall ;) It was so good to see y'all and hopefully it won't be another year before we see you again!!!

We did manage to get him to look up while he posed with me :) He's so hard to capture still these days!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Go Steelers!

Jackson saw Nonnie and Pops this past week. You've got to hold on tight these days because he'll try to jump outta your arms, lol.

We cheered for the Steelers yesterday, and hopefully they'll go all the way!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

15 Months

Jackson turned 15 months old yesterday! He's growing so fast and learning so much these days. Here's a few pictures and a few fun things about him:)

Here he is eating a new food - spaghetti! We didn't think he would like it, but he loved it.


Playing on the horse that we got him for Christmas. He's so cute when he gets on it, but it only holds his attention for a minute or two. It hooks into the tv and he can play games that way, but we're going to wait a little longer before we do that.


15 words Jackson can say:
1. Da da
2. Ma ma
3. apple
4. milk
5. bath
6. more
7. thank you
8. Jackson
9. belly button - but it sounds like "bubba" when he says it
10. baby
11. out
12. up
13. down
14. uh oh
15. pops

15 things Jackson likes to do:
1. RUN!!!!!
2. take a bath
3. EAT!!!
4. sleep with his blanket
5. suck his thumb ---help!
6. ride around in his toy car
7. visit with his grandparents
8. swim and play at the beach in the sand and water
9. slide down a slide
10. "read" a book
11. dance
12. listen to music
13. play outside
14. roll down the hill in the back yard
15. give hugs and kisses

Signs Jackson knows (not 15 yet...)
1. Please
2. Thank you
3. bath
4. eat
5. more
6. down
7. bunny
8. milk
9. water

He will go for his 15 months check up in a couple of weeks and we'll see how much he's grown! Hope everyone has a great week :D

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meeerrrrrryyyy New Year! 2008 Year in Review

Talking about YouTube - Merry New Year!

That is one of Wes' favorite movies, and we always wonder how many people really get it when we tell them "Merry New Year!" Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. Ours was great, minus the fact that I have this terrible sinus thing going on right now that I am desperately trying to prevent from being a bad infection. I was so glad that we didn't make big plans for the night b/c I would have cancelled them :( I even broke down today and bought a neti pot to irrigate my sinuses. It helped briefly, but then stopped up again. Oh well - at least my ears are finally unclogged for the most part.

Wes and I spent the night relaxing and enjoying a great meal - prime rib and shrimp :D We watched football, rang in the New Year with Dick Clark, and watched a couple of crazy people on ESPN flip a car and jump a motorbike onto and off of the Arc outside Paris in Las Vegas...I really wonder about those people!!!

So far 2009 had been very productive for us. Luke's room now has the first coat of paint on it!

It's hard to tell, but the color is called "oatmeal." It's a medium brown. I think we are going to get white furniture. I know it's a little late and we need to get on the ball and order it, but time has just slipped away from us. I really like the color, and I think we are going to do a jungle or animal theme in there, so it should look really cute.

Also, we have been on a roll exercising, thanks to the great Christmas present from my parents and my brother and his wife - a Wii! We've been Wii Fit'n it every day. It's so much fun that you don't realize some of the things are exercise until the next day when you're sore, lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll get some new pics of Jackson up soon :)

Here's a review of 2008:

January - I was settled back in at work, and Wes was starting his second year of school. Jackson was 3 months and already rolling over! It snowed!!! In Alabama!!!

Feb - Jackson was laughing and smiling at everything and everyone! We took him to the beach for the first time.

March - Wes turned 30! It snowed AGAIN - we couldn't believe it. Wes and I got the garden started in the back yard. Jackson was crawling primitively- and he hasn't stopped moving since, lol.

April - Jackson turned 6 months! We went away for the weekend for the first time and left Jackson with Grandma and Granddad. Jackson got some teeth :D And tried rice cereal for the first time.

May - Jackson learned to crawl up the steps - thanks to Grandma! The garden was growing great. We took Jackson to the farmer's market for the first time. I made all of Jackson's baby food from scratch (well, minus the cereal).

June - We went to the beach - Cape San Blas. Jackson absolutely loves the water and is fearless crawling around in the sand. I turned 29.

July - We found out Jackson would be a big brother and bought a condo in Orange Beach! Jackson was getting lots more teeth and trying many more foods. He liked everything we fed him, except black eyed peas. He was pulling up and trying to walk already - and getting into everything ;)

August - I am sick as a dog and taking zofran daily - yuck! Much worse this time around than it was with J. Wes got inducted into Gamma Beta Phi. Jackson is growing like a weed tall, but still pretty skinny because he runs around nonstop all day. We go to the Plains for first game of what we thought would be a promising season - we were wrong :(

September - Back to the beach for a couple of weekends :) And Aunt Phyllis got to come for a visit. Jackson starts walking even though he'd been teasing us for months (and we could've waited a few more months for it to happen, lol). Noel Mark and Joanna stopped by for a visit and more Auburn games :) Jackson started playschool 2 days a week at our church. I am starting to show a little bit and still feeling sick daily.

October - Happy 1st B'day, Jackson! The weather is great and we are taking Jackson to the park or just the backyard as often as we can. I finally quit feeling to bad stop taking the zofran. We find out Jackson will have a baby brother!

November - More trips to Auburn :) We spent Thanksgiving at the beach and the weather was perfect. Jackson ran around on the beach every day. I'm definitely showing and into maternity clothes.

December - Jackson's 2nd Christmas. We discover there is something that the child fears - Santa! He has no clue about opening presents and would much rather sit on them or carry them around the house. He left the tree alone (for the most part) and only played with his ornaments and loved to stare out the window at the outside lights It was a great year for us!!!