Friday, August 28, 2009

San Diego

A couple of weeks ago, Wes and I went to San Diego for a whole week without the boys! I had the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist's Annual Meeting to go to, and Mom and Dad offered to watch the boys for us, so we HAD to take them up on it! We had such a great time. San Diego is beautiful and the weather is perfect - between 60 and 80 yearround :) Of course, we missed the boys like mad, but it was so great to get away just the 2 of us. We were celebrating 5 years worth of anniversaries: 3 and 4 b/c Wes was deployed for those, 5 and 6 b/c I was pregnant, and 7 b/c that was this past Monday. Here was the view from our hotel room

The convention center that we had our meeting in is on the right side of the pic. There are tennis courts on the roof of it.
You can see the bridge to Coronado Island on the right side of this one.

Wes with our hotel (Marriott) behind him.

Saturday we went to a Padres game. This was the view from our seats. Wes went by himself on Sunday and was about 10 rows back dead behind home plate!

Here's the Padre doing a dance ;)

Our hotel and the convention center (in the background) are located in a place called the Gaslamp Quarter. It was a wonderful place to be! You can walk around for a couple of miles and there are hundreds of places to eat and shop. PetCo Park was within walking distance too, so we got our exercise by walking everywhere!

Here is the sand box in the back of PetCo. Not sure why anyone would want to get their kids in that but there was a group out there when we went to the game, lol. It's great b/c outside the stadium there's a park that's open to the public all the time except 4 hours before games and of course during the games. People who work in the Gaslamp will go eat lunch in the park.

And here is the most famous Padre - Tony Gwynn's statue, also located in the park.

One of the places that we ate had an amazing bar - the Yardhouse. There are over 20 of them. This one had about 130 beers on tap (one of the smaller ones too!).

It's blurry b/c it's through glass, but here is the keg room at the Yardhouse. B/c this building was built before the Yardhouse went in, they have to pipe the beer upstairs through an amazing maze of pipes.

The Midway was about a mile from our hotel. Impressive battleship!

Wes and I at the annual meeting. It was a great supper, company, and a little dancing at the end :)

After the meeting, Wes and I stayed an extra day and visited Coronado Island. We walked all around the island and had an amazing dinner at a restuarant right on the bay.

We walked across the island and saw the Pacific beaches - definitely not the Gulf, but still very pretty :)

More of the beaches! We had a great time on this trip. We couldn't thank my parents enough for watching the boys for the whole week - brave grandparents aren't they!!! I'm thinking we'll go back to San Diego in about 10 years and take the boys with us. There's so much to do and it was a blast - I'm already looking forward to it!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I know it's been ages since I've posted any pictures (sorry David) but things have been nuts around our house. I just have a few minutes, so I wanted to put up a few pics of the boys and some from when we went to see the Braves play a few weeks ago. I promise more will follow hopefully soon!

Jackson loves to push Luke
4 and a half months now!

And he likes to swing himself. He's still within the weight limits for it!

Maddux got inducted the night before - one of the Braves' greats!

warming up

Why did we have to go to the game when Santana was pitching?

He's incredible though and we did have a chance to win, but couldn't pull it out

Chipper gets a hit

The All American Rejects played after the game and the concert was great. the lead singer is kinda weird though...

Loved this shirt - just had to post it :)

Hope everyone is well. Sorry we're a little out of touch these days. I'm trying to catch up with all my blogging and all my blog friends' blogs! Have a great week :)