Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Night at the Barons

These are pictures from a few weeks ago when we went to the Barons game with the church group. It was a blast. We actually made it through 6 innings, which impressed us with the boys. Thank goodness the stadium wasn't crowded. Maybe next year we can make it through a whole game :) Jackson is growing way too fast!

Lucas is now walking everywhere!

We spent Memorial Day at Wes' parents house. Jackson, Uncle Mike, and I polished off 5 pounds of crawfish - despite the look in this pic (we had asked him to smile) Jackson LOVED the crawfish. Mike was very impressed, lol. J loves seafood and has since he was 12 months old and Wes gave him shrimp (I was not really happy with that!). And he also loves the spicy foods, like this crawfish that we had. He's so awesome!
Lucas grabbed Pops' hat and threw it on his head like a pro :)
My fav pic from the ball park! Does he look like he's 2? They are growing way too fast!

Hope everyone is well - and we want to wish congrats to our friends Enrique and Laura who welcomed Baby Liliana into the world a couple of weeks ago. She's adorable and we are so happy for them!!!