Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Away

We had a great weekend away in Auburn - thanks again to my parents for watching Jackson for the whole weekend :) Y'all are the best! Although the game was a bit painful to watch, at least the guys pulled it off in the end - thank goodness for the defense. Sunday we got home and spent the afternoon with Jackson and also had a visit from my brother and his wife on their way home :) We hardly ever get to see them, so it was great that they stopped by, even if it was for a short bit. Here they are with Jackson:

Today we took Jackson to the park for a little bit and let him play outside. I'm so glad that the weather is finally cooling off so he can enjoy it. He's walking and running everywhere now, so he's so much fun outside :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

War Eagle

We are off to the Plains!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh So Close and Almost a Birthday

While the Auburn game was really fun to watch, it would have been much better if the coaches called some better plays the last 5 minutes of the game, but oh well. We headed down to the Plains on Friday, and we celebrated an early first birthday for Jackson on Saturday with most of the family down there :)

Jackson loves to play with hats and buttons.

He was walking around the "grass" and did pretty well considering there was uneven gravel under the rug.

Here was Jackson's smash cake. All of his cakes were wonderful! They were from Edgar's - and I've never had anything bad from there, lol.

I took a napkin to the shop and they copied the bear off from the napkin. It was so cute!

The side of the cake.

Jackson was not interested at all when we sang Happy Birthday - he just wanted down to play some more.

Hmmm...all for me??

Well, he obviously knew what to do with his smash cake, lol. He didn't eat much of it, but he managed to get it all over himself. We put him in the shower afterwards and hosed him off :) Just a few more weeks and he really will be one! I can't believe it's almost here.

Pregnancy update: I'm 13 weeks now and finally have felt much better the past week. I even went 5 of the past 7 days without ondanestron (Zofran - the medicine so you don't get sick), so hopefully I will be completely off it soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beaching It

I know that it has been ages since we've posted anything, but it has been really busy around here. We've been to the beach the past 2 weekends and gotten to see some family along the way. It's been great. I wish that we could be there all the time :) Jackson is still the little beach baby! He just crawls, and now walks, in the sand and goes into the water. Two weekends ago, the water was gorgeous. It was so clear, and becuase of Gustav, there was a flat beach with some pools of water back about 10 yards from the sea, so it was the perfect place for Jackson to play.

Since someone keeps calling us beach bums, I thought I would share how we spend our time when actuall on the beach. We get down near the water and put up the umbrella, set up Jackson's pool, and it's time for fun. We stayed down there for a couple hours each day that weekend. Jackson even has a little tan line, despite the multiple reapplications of sunblock!

Noel Mark came down for a day and it was great to get to see him. We hadn't seen in him in several months, and it will be several more before we get to see him again. We hate that Joanna couldn't come though :(

Last weekend we were down there as Ike blew through the gulf. Friday when we arrived, there were huge waves, but the water level was already retreating. Saturday and Sunday were both gorgeous days. A little windy, and no time in the ocean, but we still enjoyed the pool.

He will "float" on his stomach and put his face in the water, but we can't get him to lie on his back and float that way...we'll just keep working on it!

Aunt Phyllis came down for a long weekend, and it was great to get to see her!!! It was the first time that she got to meet the little man and he just loved her :)

And the Steelers won while we watched them on Sunday night!

Jackson is doing great at his playschool twice a week. Each day they send home a slip and he's been eating all of his lunch and playing the whole time he's there. Since this means he's playing instead of napping for 2 of those hours, he's so exhausted by the time we pick him up. He falls right asleep in the car, then naps for a couple of hours once he gets home. Wes has finished up another quarter of school, so he has a couple of weeks off. We are just trying to get a few things done around the house, then we are off to Auburn for the weekend for the LSU game - War Eagle!

One more thing for those of you who don't know yet - Jackson is going to be a big brother!!! His new brother or sister is due the end of March (I'm 12 weeks right now). I'm finally starting to feel human again - it's been rougher than it was with J. Oh well, I'm sure it will get much better soon :) I'll keep y'all updated after my doctor visits...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

11 Months and More Firsts

What's that - you hear something??? That would be the pitter patter of little feet around our house :) Jackson has been taking a step here and there for about 2 months, but now he's walking halfway across the room by himself! I guess we have to admit that he's walking. He's like a mini Frankenstein - it's soo cute. Look at the concentration on his face:

Although this wasn't Jackson's first trip to Auburn, this was the first time he was able to enjoy the tailgating and we even took him to the game for a little bit. Here he is around the trailer -

And here he is toddling around in the grass - pretty good balance he has :) He moved too quick for me and got behind the pinwheel, lol.

All this fun makes a little man tired

Jackson is learning how to dance to the tailgate music, especially to the Auburn band , following Pops' lead.

Here we are headed to the game. Jackson has learned how to shake the shaker already - an essential to an Auburn fan.

Hanging with Daddy at the game. Jackson and I stayed through the first quarter, and he did very good, especially considering we arrived almost an hour before the game started and it was about 7 when we left (which is his bedtime). We had a great time in Auburn and Jackson couldn't have been better :) We are headed to the beach this weekend, but we can't wait to take him back for the LSU game for another weekend of fun!!!

Today Jackson turned 11 months old!!! He also had his first day at Playschool. He goes twice a week for 4 hours. This will work out great for us so that Wes can take a class during the day instead of at night. He did great - he ate all his lunch and was happy and playful. The teachers give a report each afternoon of how the children did. He didn't take a nap, which worked well b/c then he took a good one when he got home :) Here he was this morning - he looks like such a big boy!