Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Plane Saturday

Today beautiful weather brought two beautiful people to our house - Granddad and Grandma!!! We've been wondering when the weather would be good enough for Dad to get that plane out and fly over - and today was the day :) They flew over and we had lunch at the airport diner, then headed to our house to play for a bit in the awesome sunshine we had today. When the boys went down for their naps, Granddad and Grandma left and headed to the Sylacauga airport for a picnic with a bunch of other pilots. It was great to see them and we hope they bring the plane in lots more in the near future. Jackson loved climbing inside it and pretending he was flying. Since we live right by the airport (like 1/4 of a mile), he has always loved seeing the planes in the air. As soon as we can get some little earphones for him, he'll be up and flying. I know Granddad can't wait!!!

Jackson enjoyed exploring the airplane, and Luke was trying to figure out where he went ;)

Jackson's shirt says "Pilot in training." Nothing would make Granddad happier :D
Cruising in the stroller
Do I look like I can fly yet?????

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucas!

A few pics of Lucas on his first birthday. I will get pics of him diving in his cake soon!!! We've been so busy, but I at least wanted to get a few pics up. He and Jackson are doing great - they are the BEST! Wes has been busy studying for his certification exams, and I've been slammed with work and ALANA things. It's great though - we love our life!!!! Hope everyone enjoys this weekend; the weather should be awesome and we plan on spending lots of quality time outside on our playground :)