Thursday, January 31, 2008

Introducing Cooper James

Toni and Mark are now the proud parents of 2 little ones! Cooper was born yesterday, and he is so adorable. I'm post call today, so I was able to go to the hospital and see him, and hold him, and cuddle :-) So precious! It seems like just yesterday Jackson was that little, and now he's so big. I miss him being our little cuddle baby, but now he just wants out of your arms to roll around on the floor. He did cuddle with me for a bit this morning when I read to him before his nap though. Anyway, we are so excited for Toni and Mark and big sister, Zoe :-) Congrats! (now we can't wait for y'all to start your blog so we can see lots of pictures...)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roly Poly

We have finally caught Jackson rolling on tape. Wes got it yesterday! He has also started rolling from his back to tummy to back again, but I still haven't seen it yet :-( Now we need to get him to start rolling from tummy to back again in his crib. He rolled over the other night and got stuck...and started 2 in the morning...then woke up when we rolled him back over...wouldn't go back to sleep until he had a see where I'm going with this! So, without further ado - Here's Jackson!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bye Bye

Well, we think Jackson has officially said good bye to his paci. He never takes it anymore, which I know in the long run is good. Now we won't have to fight with him in a year to get it away, but sometimes it would be nice for him to take it, lol. He has also found his thumb - again, that's both good and bad. He's so funny these days. Everything he can pick up goes straight to his mouth. He's still rolling over a couple of times a day, but only from his back to his tummy, which is the opposite of what most babies do. When he gets on his tummy he'll just stay there for a few minutes, then start to fuss. He can almost roll back to his back, and I'm sure he will in another couple of weeks. He also has started to "try" to sit up when he's lying on his back. He raises his head and gets a good ab workout. He'll raise his legs up in the air and kick, too. It's hilarious :-D I told Wes he's just doing pilates, like me, haha. Jackson got to see Grandma and Granddad last night. They came over since they hadn't seen since before they went to Alaska, and they kept him so we could go out to eat and for a few drinks. Lots of fun! We met Chris and Mary at Martini's, then went to Twist and Shout. Martini's is really good, but I'm not sure how they stay in business b/c there was NO ONE there - yet somehow they "ran out" of the veal that I ordered. Anyway, all the food was good and there's like 50 martini's to choose from. Twist and Shout was fun as always, and we get to see Reggie and Freddie when we're there. Wes and I ended the night stopping at Bellbottoms- not to dance! - but to see the guys he used to work with a couple of years ago. Good times!

Hanging out playing on his blanket...

Jackson still loves to be in his car seat and ride in the car. We hope it stays that way!

Now he's grabbing his rattle and fish that are hanging down instead of just batting at them...and trying unsuccessfully so far to get them in his mouth :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Roll Over Beethoven...

...and make room for Jackson. That's right, the little man rolled over this morning around 0745!!! Wes was in the kitchen and left Jackson in the den on his play mat. He looked in on him, and he was on his stomach!! So he came and got me and we watched him roll over a few more times. Then when I got the camcorder out, he (of course) decided to stop. We'll catch it soon, I'm sure! The funny thing is that he doesn't know what to do once he gets on his stomach, so we have to help him back over :-D

He just needs the remote - just like a man...haha

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let It Snow!!!

Welcome to a Winter Bessemer, AL!!! For the past week we've been hearing about the snow we were going to get. First it was to be Friday evening, then Friday late night, then sometime after midnight. Everyone was making a mad dash for the store to get milk and bread, but we decided beer and pretzels would be a much better choice, lol. I was skeptical about the snow, especially when I woke up this morning around 0430 to a sleet/rain mixture. No snow for sure, I thought. When I got up with Jackson at 0700 (note he'd been asleep for almost 12 hours!!!), there was a sprinkling outside, but the news showed snow south of B'ham in Clanton. Oh well, I thought it had past us over...but then about 0800 it started snowing!!! By 0900 it was thick flurries - something we hardly ever see down here :-) It continuted to snow until about 1100. So here are some pictures from our little winter wonderland - a little past Christmas, but who cares.

Jackson sitting on the couch all by himself!

He's just starting to play with a few toys that he has, but he'd much rather put it in his mouth then "play" with it, haha.

This was the trampoline around 0800 this morning, with mainly ice on it...

Here's the trampoline around noon with a nice thick layer of snow!

The deck had the most snow on it because the snow was blowing that way.

At least an inch!

Wes and Jackson by the truck. At least one day we can show Jackson that every now and then it snows in Alabama :-D

I don't think Jackson was impressed very much by the snow. When we tried to get him to look at it out the window, he kept turning his head because it was so bright.

Snow Baby!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweet Mornings

Some of Jackson's sweetest time is in the morning, so I love the mornings I get to go in late. Especially when Jackson has a great night like he did last night - he slept from 7:45 last night until 6:30 this morning - woohoo!! Sleep for everyone!! Hopefully he will keep this up:-) He has also figured out how to "motorboat" and kept me highly entertained yesterday while he did it (minus the multiple times he spit on me when he was doing it). I'm not sure where he picked that up because we haven't done it, but nonetheless, it's hilarious. Jackson had his first night away from the house without us to put him to sleep this weekend and he cried a lot. I felt bad for Wes' parents because he cried for about 30 minutes when they put him down, but it'll get better I'm sure. We were at a baby shower for Toni, Mark, and baby Cooper. Only a few more weeks and he'll be here and Jackson will have a new little friend - we can't wait. Sunday brought a wedding shower for another friend from high school, Jennifer. Congrats again, Jenn - we'll see you in April :-)

Halfway there - hopefully Jackson's eyes are going to stay blue!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Copy Cat

Jackson is getting to be such a fun little guy! He loves to smile and he's even starting to laugh, but only a couple of times so far - but it's so adorable :-D The latest fun game to play is copycat. If you smile, he smiles back. If you open your mouth, he'll open his. And if you stick our your tongue...well, sometimes he'll stick his out, but he'll always smile at you, lol. He starts move his tongue all around, and about 1/4 of the time, it actually makes it all the way out. Probably not the best habit to teach your child, but right now it's just really cute! Other than that, we're all doing great. Jackson continues to sleep through the night, although a couple of nights a week he wakes up for an early morning bottle (hence the reason I'm posting at 0440, lol). But since we lay him down around 7, we can't complain. Even when he takes an early bottle, he lays right back down and sleeps until 0700 or 0730. A special hello to everyone in Alaska - one day we'll make it up there!

How you doin'??

Sometimes the hard part of capturing the smile is holding his hands out of his mouth ;-)

The elusive tongue caught. You don't know how hard that was. Everytime we'd put the camera down and turn it off, he'd stick it out...turn the camera on - well, you get the point, haha.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

3 months

Jackson is three months old today! We are no longer counting his age in weeks, but counting the months now - and it's flown by!!! These are just a couple of pics from today. Hope everyone is doing well, especially Allison - scary story and we hope you're feeling MUCH BETTER soon!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Or "Merry New Year" as Wes likes to quote from one of his favorite movies. And WAR EAGLE!!! What a game - shows much promise for next year if that's what our offense does after only 10 practices. Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve. We are officially old - we watched the game, rang in the Eastern Time Zone New Year with Dick Clark and went to bed at 11:30, lol. It was hard for me to make it that long since I was up at my normal 5:00 to work that morning. Jackson's doing great. He's still sleeping well, which we love, although every now and then he's still getting up around 4:00. But he's in bed by 7:30, so that's still a good stretch of sleep. He's growing more and more and starting to get more of a personality! He loves to smile and is such a sweet baby :-D

He can hold his head up for a couple of minutes now when you put him on his tummy. He always props himself up this way on his arms now - right arm tucked and left arm out.

I thought this picture was so funny because right when I was about to snap it, Jackson leaned forward towards the camera - don't adjust your computer, it is blurry.

Sitting in the bumbo...

Mmm, my hands taste so good. I'd say his hands spend about 70% of the time in his mouth these days (when he's awake). He'd rather suck on them than his paci.

Jackson will lie on his mat and play for 20-30 minutes happily. He hits the fish and the turtle and kicks his legs :-)