Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life's a Beach

I know it's been ages, but we've been out of town almost every weekend, and I've finally gotten some pictures ready to prove it! This is from our trip to the beach 2 weeks ago. We went down and stayed at the condo for a long weekend, and it was great. The weather was in the mid 60s, giving all of us, especially J, spring fever. What's great about going to the beach now, is that Wes' parents are only 30 minutes away, so we get to see them down there as well. Since the weather was so nice, we spent time outside each day. It's been several months since J has been to the beach, and the last time we took L out there, he was about 5 months old, and still hanging out in one of our laps, or in a baby swing. My how times have changed! J loved running on the beach. He dove right down, then looked up at me like he thought he would get in trouble - I just laughed and let him know he could get as sandy as he wanted! That's why we were there :)

Running by the water

Writing his "name" in the sand

Taking a moment to smile for the camera

This was my favorite part of the trip - a walk to the jetty with J. He got kinda whiny halfway there, but once we got to the rocks, he loved it. In fact, I kinda wondered how I was gonna get him off the rocks, and if I was crazy for letting a 2 year old climb on them, but I guess he's gotta learn sometime, right ;) He actually sat and smiled long enough for me to take about 10 pics, which is unheard for with him! I was so excited, and they turned out pretty good.

Why do they grow up so fast?!?!?!

Nonnie and Pops came over to visit us

This was the first time we had L in the sand, and we weren't sure what to expect. J was always so good (people called him a beach bum) and loved the sand and the water. Even at 6 and 7 months old. Fortunately for us, L loved it too! He didn't even try to eat the sand (just the shells!). Checking it out...

and off he went...

Everything goes in the mouth

L threw off his hat early in the outing, and it was J's after that - I love how the orange and red go together, lol. J loves to shovel the sand. Maybe he can help me in the garden this year.

J sharing his snack with L

This pic cracks me up b/c we always told J that if he didn't eat his food, his little brother would. Well, that day has come. If J is eating a snack, L comes over to him and stand up beside the chair, looks up, and whines. They are only about 5 pounds different!

Crawling under the table...pulling up on everything

Sweet baby feet in the sand :)

Everything else is great here. Glad the weather is starting to warm up so we can get some playtime in outside. Wes and I have decided we are finally gonna get back in shape, so we have started P90X. Day 2 and we're still alive ;) I'm excited about it - we've needed to do it forever.

And we need to send out a special B'day wish to GRANDMA - Happy Birthday!!! We love you :)