Sunday, October 19, 2008

Playing at the Park

This afternoon was so nice outside, so we decided to take Jackson to the park to play. Once we get him out of the car, it takes several minutes for him to make his way to the park area because he has to stop and pick up a rock. All the toys in the world could be out there and he would still play with the rocks first.

Walking on the trail

His favorite thing to do is go down the slide! He will go down it over and over. Sometimes he tries to climb back up it once he reaches the bottom. There are two slides at this park, so we go back and forth between the two.

He's still not sure what to think of the tires, and there's usually nasty leaves and stuff inside, so we don't let him play with them too much.

This is one of my favorite pictures because it shows what Jackson does best - run around! Half the time when we call him he comes running to us, and the other half he does this - runs the other way :)

On the see-saw

And after all the fun, what better way to wind down than to swing with Daddy!

It's so nice to have a park in our neighborhood to take Jackson to and we try to do it a couple of times a week. He's so much fun to watch when he's running around playing!!!


Tammy said...

So sweet! Love the last photo too!

jennifer said...

The picture of him konked out in Dad's lap was SO cute. All of the pictures were really good.

Have a great weekend.