Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and More

This is what we've been doing for the past month: work, school, study, A-day, Washington D.C., Destin for the spring meeting, and Mother's Day....whew! It has flown by! The boys are growing by leaps and bounds. Lucas is almost walking, and he's trying to say so many words. He's learned some signs and is such a sweet boy. We spent Saturday at my parent's house. The boys love being there and they have added an outdoor room to their house. It's about the only place that Jackson wants to be. The only bad thing about being there is that Jackson climbs in bed with us when he wakes up...which was 0415 Sunday morning. But he laid back down and we all slept a few more hours :) On Sunday we went to Piedmont for Wes' family reunion that is held every Mother's Day.

Here is Luke sitting in a big boy chair! He just climbed up and had a seat.

Say Cheese!

Lucas giving kisses. We spend a lot of time on our deck on the screened in part. Both boys LOVE being outside.

Showing some teeth

At A-Day

Getting some sunscreen. It did a lot of good. We only stayed for the first quarter, but we figured that was pretty good with both boys there!

Jackson and Emma coloring

Family photo!

All of us

Still with the thumb problem...

Just hanging out...

And we just found out wonderful news....we are finally going to have a niece! Way to go Noel Mark ;) At least someone in this family is going to have a girl. We can't wait until she arrives (and I finally get to spoil a little girl)!!!!

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