Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun on the Fourth

This is what we did as much of the weekend as we could...relaxed in the pool. Jackson has just really taken to the water; he's not scared of it at all. We headed to Anniston Thursday afternoon after I left work and spent the weekend with family. Wes' parents have a pool, so we got in several times each day to beat the heat. And of course, we had great food! Jackson turned 9 months that Thursday!!! The time has flown by...Saturday he took a step away from the couch, then plopped to the floor and crawled off. We are NOT ready for that walking business young man!

Swimming around the pool with Pops. He would actually kick his legs, and he put his face in the water a few times.

We got Jackson this great little float that is a "car." It has a top that velcos on to keep the sun off his head, too. He loved it. We had him in it at least 1 hour out of each day (broken into 2-3 segments), and y'all with kids know how long that is for someone his age!

See how intent he was, lol. And he's even holding the steering wheel ;)

I just love the way the bottom of the pool looks in black and white for some reason.

As usual, J laughed at everything all weekend. He's such a fun loving, laid back guy, and we can't wait to see what month 9 brings :D

And after all the fun in the sun and water, we had a very sleepy baby on our hands. Each night he crashed and woke up refreshed and ready for more action. We will definitely be getting him into the water as often as we can!


Tammy said...

Oh how cute! I cannot believe it has been 9 months. Wow, time flies when you are old. ;-)

We are headed to the beach next week, we'll need to get together sometime before too long.

Heather said...

What beach? We're headed back, too...

jennifer said...

I am with you on the black and white pics and the bottom of the pool. It really does look interesting. He has the sweetest smile!!

Be blessed!


Valarie said...

It looks like he might like the Baby Swim lessons. :)

AliDyer said...

9 months?!?! WOW!!

I love the float!!!