Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

This is what Jackson spends most of his time doing these days - playing! Even though he's had a runny nose for several days, he hasn't slowed down much :)

This picture explains why we had to take the glass out of the coffee table - if not, Jackson would've busted his head through it..or busted it with a toy. He's made the table his own little jungle gym!

Cuddling up with his Auburn blanket when he is tired - it's so cute.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Wes' induction ceremony into Gamma Beta Phi, an honor society that he has been asked to join! You have to have at least a 3.75 GPA to be invited - way to go!!! It was a nice ceremony that included several teachers from the school and the assistant national director of the society was the keynote speaker. Afterwards, Jackson got to spend a little time with Nonnie and Pops before they had to go back to Anniston. We were so glad the weather cleared up, at least for a brief time, yesterday afternoon, although the garden and the grass has benefited from all this rain :)


Valarie said...

Yeah for Auburn blankies!!!

Hey have you thought about putting tiles in the squares?? Our outdoor table has that, and it might be a little stronger than glass.

jennifer said...

Congratulations to Wes. That is a MAJOR accomplishment.

Buddy Ro is cute as a bug playing on the coffee table.

I answered you back in comments yesterday and told you Auburn or not, you have an AWESOME header!!


AliDyer said...

congrats wes!!!!!!!!!!