Wednesday, September 3, 2008

11 Months and More Firsts

What's that - you hear something??? That would be the pitter patter of little feet around our house :) Jackson has been taking a step here and there for about 2 months, but now he's walking halfway across the room by himself! I guess we have to admit that he's walking. He's like a mini Frankenstein - it's soo cute. Look at the concentration on his face:

Although this wasn't Jackson's first trip to Auburn, this was the first time he was able to enjoy the tailgating and we even took him to the game for a little bit. Here he is around the trailer -

And here he is toddling around in the grass - pretty good balance he has :) He moved too quick for me and got behind the pinwheel, lol.

All this fun makes a little man tired

Jackson is learning how to dance to the tailgate music, especially to the Auburn band , following Pops' lead.

Here we are headed to the game. Jackson has learned how to shake the shaker already - an essential to an Auburn fan.

Hanging with Daddy at the game. Jackson and I stayed through the first quarter, and he did very good, especially considering we arrived almost an hour before the game started and it was about 7 when we left (which is his bedtime). We had a great time in Auburn and Jackson couldn't have been better :) We are headed to the beach this weekend, but we can't wait to take him back for the LSU game for another weekend of fun!!!

Today Jackson turned 11 months old!!! He also had his first day at Playschool. He goes twice a week for 4 hours. This will work out great for us so that Wes can take a class during the day instead of at night. He did great - he ate all his lunch and was happy and playful. The teachers give a report each afternoon of how the children did. He didn't take a nap, which worked well b/c then he took a good one when he got home :) Here he was this morning - he looks like such a big boy!


Tammy said...

Look at him on the move! Both of mine were walking at 11 months and haven't quit moving since then.


Daisy said...

He looks so handsome in his school clothes! But, my favorite is the "my crib rocks" t-shirt. Totally hip already!

Valarie said...

You are raising that boy right! Auburn games before he is even a year old!

He looks like such a little man in that outfit! Too Too cute :)

Heather said...

The shirt is from AliMac, now Allison Dyer, and her hubby, Wes. Jackson has worn it so many times b/c I think it's so cute (and b/c he's still wearing some of his month clothes, lol) :) Thanks again guys!!

AliDyer said...

Where on earth did you get such a hip shirt? Haha. Look at him!!! We need to make a trip to Bham soon. I dunno when we'll get to do that, but, we'll definitely make a stop by. We'll be in Anniston the weekend of the 20th-and, if Ashley isn't around with her new arrival, we'll be going to Bham to see her. I'll call you if we are there!

Anywho, I love his school clothes. What a handsome little thing he is!

AliDyer said...

Oh, and WAR EAGLE little guy! I love his spirit!!!