Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh So Close and Almost a Birthday

While the Auburn game was really fun to watch, it would have been much better if the coaches called some better plays the last 5 minutes of the game, but oh well. We headed down to the Plains on Friday, and we celebrated an early first birthday for Jackson on Saturday with most of the family down there :)

Jackson loves to play with hats and buttons.

He was walking around the "grass" and did pretty well considering there was uneven gravel under the rug.

Here was Jackson's smash cake. All of his cakes were wonderful! They were from Edgar's - and I've never had anything bad from there, lol.

I took a napkin to the shop and they copied the bear off from the napkin. It was so cute!

The side of the cake.

Jackson was not interested at all when we sang Happy Birthday - he just wanted down to play some more.

Hmmm...all for me??

Well, he obviously knew what to do with his smash cake, lol. He didn't eat much of it, but he managed to get it all over himself. We put him in the shower afterwards and hosed him off :) Just a few more weeks and he really will be one! I can't believe it's almost here.

Pregnancy update: I'm 13 weeks now and finally have felt much better the past week. I even went 5 of the past 7 days without ondanestron (Zofran - the medicine so you don't get sick), so hopefully I will be completely off it soon!


jennifer said...

ACK! I have been lazy about blog reading lately! CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY!!!!

And happy Birthday Little Man!! Looks like he had a good one. We always called them play cakes but Smash Cake sounds much more appropriate.

Have a great week.


Tammy said...

I love the smash cake. It's funny how they just "know" what to do with it. CUTE photos. I can't believe it's been almost a year! WOW!

Valarie said...

Oh my gosh, where have I been!!! I thought I read your last post!
Congratulations!!!!!! I am glad you are feeling better!

jennifer said...

Regarding scrapbooking... I did the same thing. I quit RIGHT after I began blogging. So earlier this month when I went to a crop, it was the first time for me in NINE months!! But I have really enjoyed starting again.

The benefit that I have, that you do not, is that my children are all old enough to fend for themselves. I think Scrapbooking may be a lost art for you for a long time with the new baby coming and a toddler. But enjoy the time that you have with your little ones. They grow up WAY too fast Heather. Then you are just sort of left with all of these picture memories of your babies who have grown up.... scrapbook then.

Be blessed!


Daisy said...

Congratulations on being pregnant!!!! That is wonderful news! I've been away from the blog world for a bit, but I love coming back and catching up. And, now I know what to get my little friend Kit for his first birthday - I HAVE to find him a cute Smash Cake!

AliDyer said...

Eeeep-Zofran helps for you? I wish it did for me!!! I hope it all settles down soon.

I cannot BELIEVE he's almost 1 Heather! Where does time go?