Monday, February 2, 2009

Stomach Bugs - YUCK

I know it's been a while since I posted, and this one will be brief because we've had the stomach bug travelling through the household over the weekend :( It all started with Jackson, as I'm sure many of the bugs that make their way through the house over years will. We are all pretty much on the mend, but this weekend was awful. Imagine how bad it is just to have the bug, then imagine it 32 weeks pregnant...yep, it was that bad. Hope everyone else had a much better weekend than we did. And congrats to the Steelers!!! What a great game. It was the highlight of the weekend.


Leesa said...

I feel your pain. It went through our family, also. It was funny because the day after someone was well, then next person would come down with it. haha.

jennifer said...

Bless your heart!! I am so sorry that you all have been sick but so very thankful you are on the mend. Hope no other bugs make it into your system. It has been a bad year for colds and such here too.