Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stuck in the Middle

Yes, that is my son with his jeans slacking ;) We're having a hard time with some of his clothes these days. J's stuck in the middle of a couple of sizes of clothes. He's too tall for 12 month clothes, but the 18 months clothes...well you see above what happened the other day when we put a new pair of jeans on him. The bad part was we put them on, then headed to the park, so we weren't even at home when the started to droop. And, they've been washed and dried, so probably not shrinking any more. Little man's so skinny that his waist still fitsin 9 month pants! Guess we just need some fashionable baby belts, lol.

He's so funny when we first get to the park. He walks slowly for just a minute or two and takes it all in, then takes off. I wish the weather would get warm and stay warm, instead of this warm one day and freezing the next business it's been doing!

On the Luke front, all is well. I'm on my every 2 week doctor visits, and soon will have to go every week. I'm measuring right on at 34 1/2 weeks, but I still think I'm bigger than I was with Jackson, even though I've gained less weight to this point than I did with him (of course, I was swollen as a tick by this point with him as well and I've had just a little swelling this time around). We are now 5 weeks away from delivery day and we can't wait!!!


Tammy said...

Cute little slacker you have there. Heck, just tie a bandanna through his belt loops!

I know someone that lives at my house who was just like that. And it was not the Princess who resembled the Michelin man at that age.

Ash said...

I can't believe you are already on your every two week checkups! How time flies!

Beth said...

I feel ya on the clothing thing - it is the same way with my girls! We finally found the adjustable waist pants and they are FABULOUS - you get the benefit of the length but have the versaility of being able to cinch them up for those tiny waists!!! Old Navy is very good about having them!

Can't believe you only have 5 weeks! It will certainly fly by now with being at the doctor's so much!!! Good luck - we're thinking about you guys and can't wait to "meet" Luke!

Lydia said...

Found your blog through a friend of a friend...you know how that goes! Anyway, I think our sons are pretty close in age and I got tickled at your "slacker"! My son has exactly the same problem. I ended up making him some very easy, very inexpensive belts out of D rings and cotton webbing...works great and will grow with him. I have a pic on his blog under this post if you are interested! http://jacobjameswright.blogspot.com/2009/02/mommy-therapy.html
Have a great day! Lydia