Monday, May 25, 2009

Luke's Baptism

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the people who have served for our country, especially Wes, my parents, and his dad!!! Everyone was in town this weekend for Lucas' baptism. Here he is in his baptismal gown - it's the same one that Jackson wore, and the same one that has been handed down for almost 70 years in our family!

We had the ceremony after mass. It was very nice b/c it was just our family :) I don't think with all the boys we would have been able to do it in the middle of mass like we did with Jackson. It would have been very hard for Jackson, Thomas and Mason to sit still that long. As it was Jackson didn't take his morning nap, I guess b/c so many people were at the house and he was wound up, but he ended up doing great through the short ceremony. Great minds must think alike b/c Noel Mark andLance wore the same color shirt and the same Auburn tie, lol.
Jackson and Wes before the ceremony

The Harvey side of the family

With the Godparents, Aunt Joanna and Uncle Mike

Family photo :)
The Rankin side of the fam
All the grandparents

Luke, mommy and daddy

Three generations of Rankin men
Uncle Noel and Aunt Joey - also expecting a boy!!! We are nothing but a family of boys :)
Here is Lucas at 8 weeks - such a big boy. He started smiling a few weeks ago and this is one of the first ones I caught on camera. I love those sweet baby smiles :D
He loves the swing!
Jackson laughing with daddy
With Grandma and Daddy
Luke and Uncle Noel
Another one of those baby smiles

Jackson helping out his brother - putting the paci back in his mouth (nevermind the fact that it's upsidedown, lol). He's so good with him and so sweet - they're great kiddos!!!

Hope everyone has a great week :)


jennifer said...

All of the pictures are wonderful Heather. Your sons are both growing so much!

Beth said...

Great pictures - you look GREAT! We still haven't had Brady baptized....but when he was born my dad was still recovering from his open heart surgery and now Pop is still in Texas - so we're waiting until the whole family can be there!!!!

Ali said...

Great family shots! :)