Thursday, May 21, 2009

More of the Beach

We are just getting settled in to "normal" life these days. I've been back at work almost a week now, and today Wes had the boys all day by himself. It's going to be so different for him taking care of two, instead of just one! We are so lucky that we've got great kids and that Luke is on such a good schedule. He started sleeping through the night last weekend - right at 8 weeks...just like Babywise says! We think that is one of the greatest books ever written - it has helped us get both boys sleeping through the night early :)

I'm still behind on pics so here are some more from our second beach trip. These pics are from our condo in Orange Beach. We stayed almost a week, and Wes' parents were with us for a little bit. They are getting ready to move down that way, so Wes helped his dad pack up a couple of loads, and they missed a couple of days of beach time. Jackson had his first ear infection while we were down there, so he was a little cranky and very clingy for a couple of days. I felt so bad for him though, especially Saturday when he just had listless eyes and actually sat still in a chair for about 20 minutes. If you know the child, you know that is a first. Unfortunately, it was only b/c he felt so bad. But by Monday he was much better and running around again :) We managed to get a day of fishing in on Monday. Here is Wes throwing out by the bridge. We didn't have any luck there, except with the cast net. Wes got us some bait, and we threw out a bit in front of the condo a little later. There I caught my first Spanish mackerel. That was all we got though, and I think it's because right after I got him a bunch of sting rays about 3 feet across came swimming around. I can't wait to get back!!!
Jackson taking a break from the sun and drinking some water
Playing in the sand :)

Loving the water, as always

Hangin' w/ Pops

Lucas didn't see much of the beach, but he got quality time w/ Nonnie inside.
He's so tall - hope it stays that way :) He was just starting to smile at this time.

Jackson and Nonnie
Luke saw the inside of the sling most of the time he was outside. Here he is up for some fresh saltwater air.

Jackson tried to catch our bait - little fish and fresh shrimp - with the minnow net.

Sweet baby sleep

I love when their arms are so relaxed and about their head - you know they're out!

Hopefully I'll find some time to catch up one of these days. Unfortunately we've been so busy I've gotten behind in actually taking pictures. I really know what people mean about the difference between the first and the second. I took pics of J almost every day - but Luke...sorry baby, it hasn't happened :( Luke's baptism is this weekend, so we should get some of him and the whole family then. And we get the great pics that Uncle Noel did a couple of months ago delivered. I'll be posting those next week! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend :)

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Leesa said...

I love the picture of Jackson sitting in the beach chair. So colorful!