Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where does the time go???

Things have been soooo busy the past few weeks. It's hard to find time to blog these days! The weekend before last I was off to Chicago for an AANA function. As most of you know I'm on our state association's board of directors ( This, on top of family, friends, and work keeps me busy :) It was my first weekend away from Luke! I missed all my guys terribly, but lucky for me, I left Friday after work and came back Sunday evening, so I wasn't gone that long. Last weekend I was on call, so that kept me busy. Work's going well - it's almost like I wasn't gone for 8 weeks. We are all doing great. Now it's almost hard to remember what it was like in our simpler life when we only had one child. What amazes me is the difference between the two boys - like night and day! Luke is such as easy baby =D Jackson cried every night when we laid him down to go to sleep and Luke is the total opposite. He's still smiling and cooing when we lay him down - it's adorable. Jackson is still the best big brother. He loves to run over to Luke and tell him "hey" and take his bottles to the sink. I hate that Luke can't talk back to him yet b/c J so badly wants to converse with him. And, I can't believe in the past two months how many words J has learned. He will now repeat anything that you say to him, including phrases. He started talking in sentences about a month ago - which is pretty early. He's too smart for his own good (well, more like too smart for our own good, lol ;)). They are both amazing children, and we are so blessed!

Luke loves to lay on his play mat and look at the lights and the toys. He's almost reaching out and hitting them with his hands.

Jackson looking at Luke :) He's really ready for him to be running around and playing with him. Unfortunately, we don't see Luke being as quick to roll, crawl, and run as J was. At this age J was pushing up when he was on his tummy. L, not so much...probably because he's a lot bigger ;) Only time will tell though!
I'm on call tomorrow, then have a 3 day weekend - woohoo! I'll try to be better about posting...if only there could be 28 hours in a day instead of 24...

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jennifer said...

I have been told, because of the communication with siblings, that second and third children DO pick things up quicker. They emulate their siblings and learn from them. It seemed to be that way with ours too.

My problem hasn't been time to blog - I can throw up a post pretty quick considering my level of substandard writing. It has been having time to read all of my usual blogs. It has been HARD to do with the kids home for summer vacation!

Have a great week Heather.