Saturday, June 27, 2009

Promises, Promises

AGH - I really did mean to get some pictures up at the beach, but it just didn't happen. We had a great time though. I said goodbye to my 20s while we were down there, and managed to survive, lol. I'm hoping to work on those pictures tomorrow if I don't have a ton of cases (I'm on call) and maybe Monday I can get them up.

But for today, here's a few pics of the boys. He's been kinda fussy the past week. At first we thought it was just being at the beach and away from home, but now I'm not so sure. He's having screaming fits and not sleeping well. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt that will end soon! He turned 14 weeks today! Where does the time goes? Even when he's fussy, he's still so darn cute :D

He's usually all smiles, and here was one from earlier today. He's also found his hands, but he still has a hard time getting them in his mouth.
Jackson is definitely a big boy now - mixed feelings here! He got his hair cut today (it was like shaggy Hoover hair which you'll see in the beach pics) and looks so different! I've got some videos I need to post of him. He's nonstop, now both physically and verbally. Anything we say he repeats, and he's speaking full sentences almost all the time now. It's amazing the changes they make in just a few weeks.

The flash didn't go off, so I know this one is a little grainy, but I still really liked it once I lightened it up. Let me explain the scab on his chin. It happened at the beach. Jackson has no fear - not the beach, or the ocean, or people (wait I take it back - he hates the doctor's office). Anyway, he ran up to a little boy who had been playing by us all week, and right smack into the little guy's skimboard. He popped right back up though and didn't even cry, but it left a nasty little mark and scab. Oh well, boys will be boys!

Hopefully my call day won't be too bad tomorrow and I'll get some beach pictures up soon :)

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