Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heads Up

Luke is holding his head up really well now! He can sit in the Bumbo, too. It's really funny b/c when he is in it, J will run over and want to talk to him or hug on him. It's just too cute :D I think his eyes are going to stay blue. Jackson's have gotten darker over the past few months - they are still blue but now with hints of gray in some light and green in others.

He can hold it up for at least 5 minutes like this

But that big head starts to get heavy after that
Jackson has really started to like stuffed animals. He likes to snuggle with them:)
This is actually Luke's frog, but just try to tell him that, haha
Grandma with her boys
She helps us so much!!!

Update on the house - they are finishing up the downstairs right now. Over the past week they have torn down drywall, replaced the ceiling, and today are doing all the painting. We found out the week after next they will come over and rip up the destroyed part of the hardwood to expose the subflooring. Since it may be wet, they will probably have to let it air out. There won't be a good week for us and them to have the actually hardwood replaced, sanded, and stained until August, so our house will be a wreck for a while! It could be much worse though, and I'm thankful our insurance has been so great, so far!


Tammy said...

What handsome boys!! I can't believe they both are growing SO fast.

Sorry to hear about your house. Hang in there!

Ash said...

Goodness. I'm sorry to hear about the house, but I hope it gets back together soon. So glad the insurance company is cooperating!