Saturday, July 4, 2009


Finally I have the beach pictures ready to post! It was another busy week for us between work and trying to get the house in order. A few weeks ago we had a leak from the fridge which has ruined the hardwood on the main level and the downstairs ceiling! What a mess! It is all covered by insurance, but it's still a hassle b/c we have to get everything out of the main level and the downstairs room that had damage. In the next couple of weeks the ceiling will be replaced and it and that room repainted and the entire hardwood replaced. Oh yeah, and we have to move out while they do that! AGH - again, what a mess. Oh well, it's always something with a house, right?
So, back to the beach pics, here's a group of them. We had such a great time :) We love that condo, and Wes' parents were there with us, so it made the week much easier with both the boys. Jackson went to the beach every morning, back up during the heat of the day for lunch and a nap, then everyone went down in the afternoon.
This pretty much summed up how J felt the entire week
Align Center

And y'all know how he likes to run, lol. He loves wide open spaces ;)

Taking a quick snack break with Nonnie

Our boys hanging at the beach. This is the "smile" Jackson had for the camera

Again in the open space

It's so great to have the awning set up. We wouldn't have been able to
take Lucas down there without it.

J wanted to wear his hat and glasses inside, but always
wanted them off when we were outside...
Learning how to make a sand castle with Pops

All smiles, as always
The smile says it all

Luke and Pops
Getting some kick time

The boys by the water
Jackson absolutely loves the water. He has no fear, which is good and bad, haha. The water
was beautiful most of the week, even when the wind picked up, which just
destroyed our fishing time!
More sandcastle time

Family photo
Jackson and Wes
a sleepy Luke
Our little boy playing in the water!
What a great trip it was! We're sad that we won't be able to go back to the beach until September, but it'll be a little easier then since Luke will be about 6 months old then. And it won't be 100 degrees ;)
Happy 4th of July to everyone! Hope it's a great weekend for y'all :) And THANK YOU to all those who have served our country so that we have freedom!!!

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Ali said...

Ughhh. Sorry about the house. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! Hope it all goes smoothly!!!

LOVE the beach pics!!!