Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Today we went to the doctor for Jackson's 2 wk checkup (he'll be 3 weeks tomorrow). They were really happy with him!! He has gained a ton of weight in the 15 days since we were there last. 1 lb and 8 oz to be exact. He now weighs 8 lb and 9 oz (he was 6 15 when we left the hospital). So he's 30th percentile on weight and 50th on height (he's 21 1/4 inches now). Everything seems to be perfect except the doctor agreed his little screaming spells are probably colic. The good news about that is it doesn't last forever, just until about 3-4 months. The bad news he gave us is it will probably get worse before it gets better. We can deal with the screaming, we're just glad he's healthy. After working at Children's, I now know exactly how blessed we are to have a perfect little one :-) Jackson is starting to smile, but it's mainly in his sleep right now, and he's cooing - it's so cute. He's already changing and growing so much so fast!!! My big news for the day was that I left the house in real (not maternity) clothes - woo hoo!! Although I must admit, maternity clothes were really comfortable and I will miss the elastic waist band, it was nice wear pants with a zipper again, lol.

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