Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh So Close

Although Wes doesn't want to talk about it, what a game! I hate that we lost on a last second pass!!! But I thought we played pretty well, especially to be in Baton Rouge for a night game. Thought the "Bama rejects" comments from the student section were uncalled for, but I guess that's a lot better than what they yelled to Tim Tebow last week. We hope Uncle Noel and Aunt Joanna had fun. It has been a crazy season in the SEC! This was Jackson's 3rd game day :-) Next week we will be taking the little one for his first trip to the Plains. We aren't taking him to the game, but we'll just be down there tailgating for the day. Here's a couple of pictures that we took Saturday of the little man in his AU gear. We went through three different AU outfits over the course of the day. I knew little boys liked to pee when exposed, but it happens even more often that I thought it would, lol.

Touchdown Tigers!!! Jackson was cheering for the Tigers while he slept.

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AliDyer said...

Ole Miss game?!?! We'll be there (!)...let's meet up(!). We need to meet Mr. Jackson and see you guys! I'll send you my digits.

(I love "!")-HAHA