Monday, November 5, 2007

1st Trip to Auburn

Yea!!! My first trip to Auburn! This weekend we took Jackson to the Plains :-) He and I stayed out during the game and listened to it on the radio. He did really good on this road trip. He is so good in the car. He is either quiet and looking around or sleeping (mainly sleeping though). Note the bouncy seat - it has become the essential item that we can't live w/o- thank you Tara for it!! We had a great time tailgating with Wes' parents and some other friends. Jackie and I walked Jackson down to Tiger Walk. Since it was homecoming, it was packed with kids. Jackson slept through it - like the car, once we get going in the stroller, he sleeps - haha. I'm looking at this as a good thing :-D Maybe next year we'll take Jackson to a game...we'll see.

Wes and Jackson bright and early in the morning before we left. It was so cold! Note the new truck in the background :-)

Sleeping at Tiger Walk.


AliDyer said...


I'll be in town this coming weekend...I need to email ya...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I found your blog! Love the pics. It was great seeing you again and meeting your little man!