Friday, November 9, 2007

See Ya Later Alligator

I love this little outfit! The hat didn't last any longer than the pics though - lol. Thanks Kike and Laura :-)

Today we took Jackson out on two trips, nothing big, but we're still getting used to travelling with child, haha. First we went run some errands and then to the Galleria. He was so good all morning and afternoon. He just cried once at the mall when he was tired. As soon as I picked him up outta the car seat, he calmed down and then went to sleep when we put him back in the car seat. Happy baby morning :-) Tonight has been a different story. We went to see Tara, Thomas, and Mason, and we had a fussy spell. It really was the worst he's had yet - damn colic. He cried for at least 30 minutes straight and nothing helped. You could tell his stomach was hurting and he was also gassy:-( I hate when he cries!! It breaks my heart. On the upside, he was able to visit with his cousins for a little bit :-) Thomas decided he wanted another baby, but was quickly shot down. He also took us on a trip down memory lane asking us if we remembered when he was that little and couldn't walk...seems like yesterday. Mason didn't know what to think, especially when Jackson was crying. He just kept pointing and saying "baby." Jackson quieted down on the car ride home and when we fed him, but is now fired up again. If anyone has helpful suggestions, send them our way. We've tried everything we can think of, and just trade off holding him every 10 min or so when he's really upset. It's just so pitiful though! And, for those of you who have had kids and were swollen when you were pregnant - when did your hands go down? I still can't wear my wedding bands!!!! They won't fit over my knuckles. Just wondering b/c everything else has pretty much gone back to normal... Other than that, we're good. Ready for the game tomorrow :-) War Eagle!!

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Tammy said...

He is so sweet. The good news is that colic does NOT last forever, but I'm sure that is not reassuring at this time. We suffered through it and the only thing that would stop Caleb's crying was turning on the vacuum cleaner.....too bad we couldn't leave it on for hours! I'll say prayers for you all.