Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

This was the busiest weekend we've had since Jackson's been born. We've been go, go, go, and he's done great with it. Saturday we went over to Leesa and Jason's to watch the game (which we don't want to talk about!!!) and Jackson got to play with his friend Jack. Jack is about 5 months old and Jackson is 5 weeks now. They were born exactly 16 weeks apart. They were so cute together laying on the bed when we were taking pictures. Jack reached out and grabbed Jackson's hand - it was the most precious thing I've seen in a while:-) Then since the game was so terrible, we left a little early and went to meet Mary, Chris, and Emma for Mexican. Then they came over to our house until Emma had to go to bed. Sunday was another big day. We went to a newcomer's breakfast at church, then headed down to Pelham to see a bunch of people: Ashley and Clarence, Allison and Weston, Rachel, Nathan, Evie and Meri, Jennie, and Kristi - a whole housefull!! It was great to see everyone :-D After a couple hours over there, we went home for a bit, then headed to Chris and Mary's to grill out. Like I said before, Jackson did great with all the travelling and people seeing. The real test will be for the Thanksgiving whirlwind next week. Thanks to everyone for the prayers for the colic. It amazes me how many people we know who have kids or family or friends with kids who've had it. We'll get through it soon enough, I know...

Jackson usually is really good in the carseat, once we get in the car and get going. He doesn't like it at first though if he's awake when he goes in it.
Ohh, who are we going to see now?

How sweet is this!!!!!

Jackson's friend, Jack Lee.


Anonymous said...

You guys were busy! Love the Auburn outfit even though we had a poor showing. Jackson looks so big in the first picture!

AliDyer said...

It was so great to see you guys! Jackson is a handsome little man. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. My love to Noel Mark and Joanna, and the rest of the family!