Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anniston and Shrimp Boil

This past weekend, we went to Anniston for Friday night and then had a shrimp boil with some friends on Saturday night. This was the last time we'd make it to Anniston for the year. We took some pics of Jackson by Jackie's Christmas tree (see below). We came back to B'ham on Saturday, then went to Mary and Chris' for a shimp boil with my gang from anesthesia school. We had a blast, and so did Jackson. He must have gotten really worn out b/c he ate at 7, went to sleep and 8 and slept until 3 (so 8 hrs in b/t meals). He gobbled down 6 oz then went right back to sleep until 0630. Of course, Sunday night he got up every 3 hrs again. He does that every 4-5 nights, but most of the time, he's still sleeping about 5-6 hrs at a time. He usually gets up around 3 to eat, then goes back to sleep. We'll get there one day, but it makes getting up at 0500 and working all day tough sometimes (mainly towards the end of the week!). That's pretty much it w/ us. I'm back to work and it's great. Wes is out for the quarter and off until almost the middle of January. He's doing such a great job taking care of Jackson during the day. We are so lucky he can stay home with him and we don't have to put him in a daycare somewhere! Hope everyone else is great, and if we don't talk to y'all before then, hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Mary, Chris and Emma
How adorable is this little hat!!!

David was on Jackson duty for at least an hour...until he cried ;-) j/k David, he loved his time w/ you!!

I love how babies this age can sleep anywhere...

Again w/ the hat - I just loved it!

Jim and Caleb gave us a break from feeding Jackson. Thanks!


Tammy said...

Wait a minute....how come Fort and I didn't make into the photo montage?!

Heather said...

We started eating and I quit taking pics, lol!!

AliDyer said...

I love the hat! MERRY CHRISTMAS!