Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Smiles All Around

Well, I'm three days into being back to work and everything's going well. Wes and Jackson are doing great during the days by themselves :-) Grandma is staying a few days this week to help the transition as well. Jackson is smiling more and more each day, and Wes has managed to catch them on camera! The smiles now last more than a second and they're getting easier to capture. Little Man is sleeping right now, and we're headed on the right path in that area, too. He's going for 5-6 hr stretches routinely, then usually eating and going right back down for another 3 1/2 to 5 hr stretch. Definitely do-able. Enjoy these pictures of Jackson's smile! For those of you who didn't see me that last few weeks, you'll laugh at the last pic on this post because I'm about 36 wks pregnant and pretty big, lol. Remind me next time that horizontal stripes are not figure friendly, haha.

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AliDyer said...

Haha-look at those darling smiles!!!