Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let It Snow!!!

Welcome to a Winter Bessemer, AL!!! For the past week we've been hearing about the snow we were going to get. First it was to be Friday evening, then Friday late night, then sometime after midnight. Everyone was making a mad dash for the store to get milk and bread, but we decided beer and pretzels would be a much better choice, lol. I was skeptical about the snow, especially when I woke up this morning around 0430 to a sleet/rain mixture. No snow for sure, I thought. When I got up with Jackson at 0700 (note he'd been asleep for almost 12 hours!!!), there was a sprinkling outside, but the news showed snow south of B'ham in Clanton. Oh well, I thought it had past us over...but then about 0800 it started snowing!!! By 0900 it was thick flurries - something we hardly ever see down here :-) It continuted to snow until about 1100. So here are some pictures from our little winter wonderland - a little past Christmas, but who cares.

Jackson sitting on the couch all by himself!

He's just starting to play with a few toys that he has, but he'd much rather put it in his mouth then "play" with it, haha.

This was the trampoline around 0800 this morning, with mainly ice on it...

Here's the trampoline around noon with a nice thick layer of snow!

The deck had the most snow on it because the snow was blowing that way.

At least an inch!

Wes and Jackson by the truck. At least one day we can show Jackson that every now and then it snows in Alabama :-D

I don't think Jackson was impressed very much by the snow. When we tried to get him to look at it out the window, he kept turning his head because it was so bright.

Snow Baby!!!

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AliDyer said...

We got about 2 inches earlier this week. It snowed ALL DAY today, and NOTHING stuck. Well, I have some on my car. Can you believe that? Glad you guys enjoyed your snow day. Jackson looks pleased. Haha!