Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bye Bye

Well, we think Jackson has officially said good bye to his paci. He never takes it anymore, which I know in the long run is good. Now we won't have to fight with him in a year to get it away, but sometimes it would be nice for him to take it, lol. He has also found his thumb - again, that's both good and bad. He's so funny these days. Everything he can pick up goes straight to his mouth. He's still rolling over a couple of times a day, but only from his back to his tummy, which is the opposite of what most babies do. When he gets on his tummy he'll just stay there for a few minutes, then start to fuss. He can almost roll back to his back, and I'm sure he will in another couple of weeks. He also has started to "try" to sit up when he's lying on his back. He raises his head and gets a good ab workout. He'll raise his legs up in the air and kick, too. It's hilarious :-D I told Wes he's just doing pilates, like me, haha. Jackson got to see Grandma and Granddad last night. They came over since they hadn't seen since before they went to Alaska, and they kept him so we could go out to eat and for a few drinks. Lots of fun! We met Chris and Mary at Martini's, then went to Twist and Shout. Martini's is really good, but I'm not sure how they stay in business b/c there was NO ONE there - yet somehow they "ran out" of the veal that I ordered. Anyway, all the food was good and there's like 50 martini's to choose from. Twist and Shout was fun as always, and we get to see Reggie and Freddie when we're there. Wes and I ended the night stopping at Bellbottoms- not to dance! - but to see the guys he used to work with a couple of years ago. Good times!

Hanging out playing on his blanket...

Jackson still loves to be in his car seat and ride in the car. We hope it stays that way!

Now he's grabbing his rattle and fish that are hanging down instead of just batting at them...and trying unsuccessfully so far to get them in his mouth :)

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AliDyer said...

He is just growing like a weed! Next time we see him, he'll probably be walking and talking it seems!!!