Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweet Mornings

Some of Jackson's sweetest time is in the morning, so I love the mornings I get to go in late. Especially when Jackson has a great night like he did last night - he slept from 7:45 last night until 6:30 this morning - woohoo!! Sleep for everyone!! Hopefully he will keep this up:-) He has also figured out how to "motorboat" and kept me highly entertained yesterday while he did it (minus the multiple times he spit on me when he was doing it). I'm not sure where he picked that up because we haven't done it, but nonetheless, it's hilarious. Jackson had his first night away from the house without us to put him to sleep this weekend and he cried a lot. I felt bad for Wes' parents because he cried for about 30 minutes when they put him down, but it'll get better I'm sure. We were at a baby shower for Toni, Mark, and baby Cooper. Only a few more weeks and he'll be here and Jackson will have a new little friend - we can't wait. Sunday brought a wedding shower for another friend from high school, Jennifer. Congrats again, Jenn - we'll see you in April :-)

Halfway there - hopefully Jackson's eyes are going to stay blue!!!


AliDyer said...

Hehe, he looks so intrigued!

Anonymous said...

That's so great that he is sleeping so well! Love the pictures! Tell Toni I said congrats!