Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby shower and Mama Monday

Today's Mama Monday is about chores around the house. Right now Jackson can't help with them (obviously) but as soon as he is, we're going to be getting him involved. Even now when we play in his room at night, I show him how we put all his toys up. Won't be much longer and he'll be doing it himself :-) As for other things around the house, we get things done pretty well I think. Laundry sometimes piles up, but we've been pretty good about keeping up with it lately. Wes does tons to help around the house, and I'm so glad that he helps with everything!!! Like everyone else, I hate to clean bathrooms, sweep, mop, etc, but it has to be done - and I just can't bring myself to pay someone else to do it. In my head I have a schedule (Monday mop, Tuesday bathrooms, and so on), but we just don't get to it every week the way I wish we could. I love that Erin says she doesn't do housework while her kiddos nap, but I find I pretty much have to with Jackson, especially now that he's so mobile and since I'm usually cleaning on week nights after I've been at work. Here's another tip - invite people over to your house because then you are forced to clean and dust and do all the things that everyone loves to do ;-) We try to do this every so often to do the big cleaning that we don't do regularly (like dust). Outside work mainly is done by Wes except for our garden. Which by the way is doing great - i just need to take some pics of it and post them. I work in it and I'm about to till up some more things and plant some flowers. Wes does all the grass cutting, weed eating, most of the weeding, and all those things. One thing that having Jackson around and moving has made us do is sweep and vacuum more regularly (like daily!). Which is good because we keep up with it. I don't have much advice for getting the kid(s) involved yet, but Erin's got some good tips and has some buddy posts if you want to check it out :-D

Jackson isn't scared of the vacuum cleaner, in fact, he likes it.

Sunday we had a friend from work's baby shower at the house (a good excuse to clean, right). Here's a few pics:

All the yummy food

The cute cake

Mama to be and J

Almost the whole gang - a group had already left by the time we took this. Wes went to the lake to fish for a while when everyone was over. Not sure why - 20 women and 6 kids who wouldn't want to be there, lol. Hope everyone has a great week!


Leesa said...

I read what you said about Jackson also being a struggle during bath time. Jack fell out of the tub the other day, even though we are right there. Ahh!! So, we started bathing him in the kitchen sink and he barely slipped sideways and busted the corner of his eye. I think boys are just destined to be restless.

Heather said...

Yeah, I have a friend who has a girl a month older than Jackson and she said she is content to sit...Jackson won't sit for longer than 30 sec!!!