Monday, May 5, 2008

7 months and more "firsts"

Saturday Jackson turned 7 months old! He's made so many changes in the past month. He's gone from just pushing up on his arms, to crawling and sitting up. He's also trying to pull himself up on different things, and he's sometimes successful. Now when he wakes up from a nap, he's standing up in his crib when we go in to get him. This past long weekend we've been at the beach. We had our ALANA spring meeting in Destin, FL. It was great, but I was pretty busy and didn't get to spend much time at the beach. The weather was also kinda yucky until yesterday. I'm glad it cleared up when we were done w/ all our meetings :-) Yesterday afternoon we were able to relax with Chris and Mary at the beach. Mom and Dad also came down with us - Mom went to the meetings and Dad relaxed :-) And they also kept Jackson for us at night so we could go out w/ our friends who also were at the meeting, Tammy and Jim and David. It's always great to catch up w/ them because they're in T-town and Montgomery and we don't get to see them alot. We got to eat lots of seafood - always a plus. We came back this morning and are now settling back in to the routine. Jackson is crawling into everything now and had his first boo boo to the face today...he fell over and has a small cut on the outside of his eye now :-( I know he's gonna have soo many cuts and scrapes, but I just hate to see them. I think he's also about to cut a couple more teeth - fun fun. But he had peas to night and slurped them up :-) He's doing great w/ eating real food! Now, here's a bunch of pics from the beach.

Standing up on one of his toys

Our first day at the beach, Thursday - slightly windy (can you tell?)

We got Jackson in the pool for the first time. It took about 10 minutes for him to decide he liked the water, but after those 10 min, he loved it! I think part of what took him a little while to warm up to it was the fact that there were at least 10 other people in the pool - and some of them were screaming, splashing kids. I think it was kinda scary to him. He did so good though!

Loving it now :-D

We had a "beach party" at the meeting, but unfortunately that was the day that it rained. So the party got moved inside. Jackson still wore his cute beach outfit that one of the girls from work gave him. It's authentic Hawaiian ware - too cute!

Pool time

Sunday afternoon we were able to spend some time at the beach after the meeting because we decided to stay an extra day. Lots of fun for everyone.

He wore the hat for a little while, but then kept pulling it off his head. His little swim trunks were so cute (but a little big which means they'll be perfect for our next beach trip in June).

We brought a pool but kept it dry so J could have a sandfree zone (for the most part). He could stay in it for short periods of time but he wanted to crawl out of it for the most part.

Emma's such a big girl now sitting in the chair

We weren't sure how he would react to his feet being in the sand, but he really liked it. He sat on the end of my beach chair and kept wiggling his toes in it.

Daddy time!

In the pool again

splish splash

Our sweet baby boy!!!

Emma checking it out

Tammy and Jim's daughter Madison holding Jackson. She's a strong little girl!

Family pic

Samford Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2005 members

Too cute

Loving the beach...we can't wait to take him back!!!


Tammy said...

Oh he is so cute!! I so wish we could have stayed longer on Sunday. Looks like y'all had a perfect day at the beach!

Leesa said...

I love the pictures. We are going to the beach in a few weeks and I can't wait. We both definitely have some beach goin' babies. This will be our 3rd trip.

AliDyer said...

He is growing SO fast!!! What a fun age. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time!