Saturday, May 31, 2008

To the Market We Go

Today we went to Pepper Place Market, which is a farmer's market downtown. It's the first time I'd been this year, but Mom was staying with us and we wanted to get some fresh fruits and veggies. So after Jackson had breakfast, we loaded him up and headed downtown. If you haven't been, it's a great little place to go. They block off an area in the street and local vendors have all sorts of things for sale. There's fruits, veggies, breads, jams and jellies, honey, grits, plants, soaps, jewelry, and the list goes on. I love that everything we buy there is from local people.

This is a shot of bread from Continental Bread - yum! We got fresh whole wheat bread, a cranberry-orange scone (breakfast for us!), and some feta-olive bread (which is soon to be part of my lunch :-)).

Jackson just checked everything out.

This is when I was eating my scone - do you think Jackson wanted it too???

Jackson is such a laid back little guy. He cracks us up because when he sits in his high chair or in the stroller, he just kicks up his legs. Even one of the ladies from the Carver Farm booth commented on it - said he "didn't have a care in the world."

And here's a little sampling of all the yummy things we brought home. I can't wait to have a fried green tomato for lunch! And tonight we're skewering and grilling some zucchini and squash. Maybe I'll take some more pics and share - don't get too jealous though ;-) Hope everyone's having a great weekend.


Leesa said...

I've been wanting to go to Pepper Place, this season, but we just haven't had an opportunity.

Jack likes to prop his legs up in his stroller, as well. I think it is so cute.

When can we get together? We are booked the next two weekends, so maybe one night we can all get together.

Tammy said...

hmmm, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to make a trip down there. That all looks so good!

Caleb used to ride in his stroller that way, it is just too cute!