Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Back Dad!!!

Yesterday my dad got home from his trip to Alaska visiting family. He, mom and NM made a visit by the house to hang out and so dad could see Jackson since he hasn't seen him in a month. It was great to have them over, and Jackson loves getting to visit with everyone! He will walk from person to person getting all the attention there is and loving every second of it :D

Jackson getting some Granddad love

Dancing...a daily activity in our house these days!

With Uncle Noel

Other than that, we've been pretty crazy around here, surprise, surprise. I was out of town for 4 days last week for the AANA Fall Assembly in St. Petersburg. It was a great trip and great meeting, but I missed my guys! I'm finally looking pregnant - and having mixed feelings about that for sure. All of the sudden in the past week, I've had a major growth spurt, started to swell, and transitioned into the prego clothes.....what a week! Less than 19 weeks til D-day, so I'm over halfway there though (gotta keep looking at the positive, right).

This was our hotel in St. Pete
This was the beach. The weather was beautiful - in the 60s most of the day, which was perfect for me to take a stroll Thursday. Also, all the places we went and ate supper at were within walking distance.

The bay, which was a short 20 yards away - made me miss my fishing rod!!!

Jackson's running everywhere instead of walking these days and learning to say more words. He loves going to playschool each week and is the "greeter" and social butterfly there ;) He's learned to brush his teeth by himself (after we scrub them well first) and his hair (kinda). He's growing so fast and getting so tall!!!
Wes has almost made it through another quarter of school, just about 4 more weeks. We are ready to go to Auburn on Saturday and maybe we can pull off a miracle and win...we'll see.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm on call and hoping I don't have to work too hard ;)


Beth said...

The pregnancies go so much faster each time! I can't believe we are less than 30 days away from due date!!! Hope you're feeling well!!!

Tammy said...

Good grief, I can't believe you are half-way done. NO WAY!

Valarie said...

Oh its getting close!!

Ali said...

I want to see preggy pics!! :)

Your little man is growing so fast!