Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone's having a great Thanksgiving! We have changed things up a bit this year and are spending Thanksgiving at the beach :) My parents have come down to spend the weekend with us. The weather has been awesome and we spend about an hour walking on the beach today with Jackson.

I know it's been ages since I posted, but y'all know how things are!!! Here are a few pictures from the AU/GA game.

Everyone gets in the Thanksgiving spirit on the Plains!

This was truly the perfect day for football! Sunny and temps in the low 60s :)

My brother was able to spend the day in Auburn with us, and it's always great to see him

Right before we left and headed back to B'ham, there was this rainbow outside. Hopefully we can find the pot of gold at the end of it!

Last Friday we had a few people over and we fried a turkey, since we knew we would have to roast one down here at the beach, and I've been craving fried turkey for weeks!!! We've still been taking Jackson outside whenever we can to let him get fresh air and run off some of that energy, and this day was no exception. He loves to be pushed around in his little car (and it's good exercise for us to push him up and down the hills).

Jackson and I bundled up for just a bit and stood outside with Wes while he fried the turkey. Amazingly enough, Jackson kept his toboggan on his head!

This was us this morning...Jackson was starting to get tired - as evidenced by the thumb. He wasn't really into trying the turkey today. We'll see what he does tomorrow, as his taste buds seem to change daily.

As I said before, we spent about an hour on the beach today. This morning it was warm enough that Wes and I were in shorts and a tshirt, but in the afternoon, we all threw on a sweatshirt. Jackson has always loved the beach, and even though he couldn't get in the water, he still had a blast playing and running around in the sand.

Granddad and Grandma with Jackson

Wes and Jackson at the beach this afternoon

Playing in the sand. Hopefully the weather will stay this nice the rest of the weekend and the rain will hold off so that we can spend more time on the beach. I'm surprised at the amount of people who are down here. Mainly snowbirds, but there are families down here too. Enjoy the rest of your long weekends!!!


Tammy said...

Cute! Hope y'all are having a great weekend. Dinner sure was fun last weekend!

Valarie Lea said...

Thats awesome that you stayed at the beach! I am sure you are havign a good time. :) WAR EAGLE!!!

Ali said...

I love the new pics. And, you look beautiful! When are you due again?