Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Fun

What could be more fun than having presents to open under the tree? Sitting on them and playing, of course :) Jackson has loved to sit on his big present and swing his legs since we put it out. He's such a climber! If there's anything that he can climb up on and sit on, he least he's not standing on it and jumping off - yet!

We have ornaments on the bottom half of the tree that he can take off and play with that won't break. Each day he pulls all of them off and at night we put them back on the tree. Sometimes he actually will put them on the tree himself, like he's doing below, but usually not, lol.


Daphne said...

Heather, he is so big! He's going to have a ball opening those presents!

Tammy said...

Love it!

Ali said...

Too funny! We got your card and love it!