Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scared of Santa

One day Jackson will probably kill me for this post, but I just have to share with everyone. Jackson was always very outgoing as a baby. Nine months came, and he never cared if Wes and I left him with a babysitter, 12 months came, and still not a peep. This was great because it made leaving him with someone or taking him to daycare so easy. Well, it all changed last month. Suddenly Jackson has developed parental attachment. The first time he cried when I left him at day care, it broke my heart :( Well, the other night we were out and we saw Santa at the toy store. We decided to go ahead and get their picture while we were there and there was no line. Well, the second that Wes let go of Jackson, he wailed!!! And didn't stop until we picked him back up. The he stood there and checked out Santa for a full minute. Then he ran off to play with a toy. At first I hated this picture because I wanted a "cute" one with Jackson and Santa, and I was kind of upset at the photographer and Santa and his wife because they all laughed and said I would love this picture. Well, by the next day I was over it and now I crack up when I see it. So without further ado - here's Jackson and Santa 2008:


jennifer said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That picture is a classic Santa picture. My first picture with Santa looked just like that!!

He will grow out of it - my kids were the same way and they did :)

Tammy said...

Wow! Those are some HUGE molars in there!

Ummm, my best picture of C. with Santa was his first one, and he was 8 months old. Everyone after that was trauma and a couple years ago I had to get in the more Santa photos!