Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We have spent most of the day finishing up the Christmas decorations. The boxes are finally put up - yea! They've been out since Monday and it's taken all week to get things out. Not that there's that much, because a lot I didn't put out because of Jackson, but it's been too busy this week to work more than an hour a night on it. In fact, the bottom half of the tree is practically bare. I only have ornaments down there that Jackson can pick off and plop back on the tree, so it looks kinda funny, but there was no way I was skipping the tree. Jackson is mesmerized by the lights and loves to stare at it. One of my favorite things to put up each year is our Auburn tree. Yep, you know you're a fan when, lol. The tree has all kinds of AU ornaments we've accumulated over the years, and the rest of the table top has Auburn Santas or other figurines. Here it is:

And I have to throw in a quick "Go Gators!!!" What a game that was :)

While Wes and I put out the decorations, Jackson found a new toy - an empty box. It's so funny to me how the simplest things amuse children :D He climbed in and out, although it was much harder for him to get out, of the box for at least 30 minutes, several times today, until we threw it outside. So maybe we can just wrap up a few empty boxes for him for his Christmas presents, haha.

Caught in the act!


Leesa said...

so cute! We also put our ornaments only half way down. However, it's always been like that because of our cats. Jackson is getting so big.

Tammy said...

You pulled for the Gators????

Valarie Lea said...

Chomp Chomp ;)!!!

I pulled for them also!!

Love the tree by the way :)