Friday, February 15, 2008

Double Take

We've been letting Jackson look at himself in the mirror since he was about 2 weeks old, but tonight was the first night we took pictures of it. He's so funny when he sees himself. He used to see himself, smile, then turn his head, but recently, he'll look and laugh at himself longer - it's so cute! It's been a pretty good week since we got back from the beach. It took Jackson a couple of days to get back into his routine, so Monday and Tuesday he was a little off. Grandma (my mom) was here until Thursday morning, and Jackson saw Nonnie (Wes' mom) and cousin Mason today for a bit, so he's gotten some family time this week :-) Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Just hanging out.

Loving the shirt from Uncle Noel and Aunt Joey

Jackson LOVES bath time!!!

Hooded towels are the best thing to wrap up little ones in :-)

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AliDyer said...

I LOVE hooded bath towels. THE cutest! Hope you have a great weekend. Working much? Tell Noel and Joanna great job on the shirt. That's what Auntie and Uncles are good for!