Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jackson's First...

Trip to the Beach!!! We went to Gulf Shores this weekend and had such a great time! We were able to leave Friday morning, since I was off from work. We got down to the beach around 1430. We just relaxed a while, then went to get some seafood for supper - we had crab claws, fish, crawfish, and shrimp and grits - YUM!!! We both could just live off of seafood :-) We actually ended up having the crab claws at the restaurant, then bringing the rest of the food back to the condo so we could do what we needed to with Jackson, then enjoy the rest of the evening. The condo that we stayed at had a great view of the sunset and the sunrise. Saturday we took Jackson down to the beach 2 different's very hard to time this around his naps and still get some good pictures. It was so bright, but the time when it's best to take pics is during Jackson's last nap - but I think these turned out ok. Gulf Shores is snow-bird city right now and all the older people loved seeing Jackson. Everyone wanted to come see him while we were taking pictures - which launched into stories of their grandchildren. Too funny! Then Wes went and picked up some crab legs for supper for us, and we ate at the condo again. Much easier than taking the little one out. Jackson did good sleeping in the packnplay, and pretty good in the car. Unlike the last time we travelled at Thanksgiving, he was awake the majority of the time. Not bad, but he likes for someone to be in the back with him...and y'all know how much I hate riding in the back - but we all survived. He's been a little bit off schedule, but I'm sure Wes will crack the whip and get him on it easily this week, lol. We can't wait to take him back when he's a little older and can enjoy the trip a little more!

And Happy Birthday Leesa! Hope it was a good one :-)

Sunset Friday night

Saturday Morning, not quite awake yet, haha

Beautiful sunrise from the balcony!! They are working on rebuilding the pier at the state park which was washed away by hurricanes.

Just taking it all in...

We thinks he looks a little like Mason here...

I could never get him to look at me when he was laying down...too mesmerized by the sand!

Again, mesmerized by the sand.

Who could go to the beach and not get some pics with the sea oats? Not a Rankin!

When we went back in the afternoon, it was cold - in the high 50s and windy, so we put Jackson in one of his little fleece outfits :-)

So much fun, we can't wait to go back!!!


Leesa said...

Great pictures. Seeing them made me miss the beach so much. I think I am going in March. Also, I got your text on Saturday. Thanks for remembering me. See you soon.

AliDyer said...

Looks like fun!!! WOW-Looking at some of these pics, Mr. Jackson is starting to look a lot like Wes. I've never noticed that before. He's definitely got some of you too Heather, but some of these really look like daddy. :) I want to go to the beach now! Haha.

Tammy said...

How much fun!! When Caleb was small he hated the sand, he would scream when we put him down in it. Looks like y'all had a great time!