Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jr Pup Pilot

Today we had a couple of things going on. Wes' parents came in for the day yesterday and spent the night. I didn't really get to see them b/c I was on call last night (and we worked all night until 4 this morning!), but they got to get some Jackson time :-) Today they left and went to Thomas' basketball game. I wish we could have gone - I'm sure it would have been fun to watch a bunch of 5 years olds "play" basketball, lol. First things first, I had to get some sleep! Then we went to Emma's first birthday party, and it was very nice. Jackson did good around the largest group of kids that he's been around yet. Came home and now I'm almost off to bed (gotta gear up for call again tomorrow), but I wanted to get a few pics up first. These first few are Jackson in a little sleeper that I had to buy him b/c of what it had on it. This one's for Granddad and Uncle Noel - it's Jackson's "flight suit." Okay, not exactly what you two wear, but it'll do for Jackson (for now :-))! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Jackson's Flight Suit

Jr. Pup Pilot!

How cute am I???

"Swimming" through a sea of Auburn :-D

The birthday girl herself, Emma. Happy First Birthday!!! Now, tell your daddy to start your blog soon so we can see more pictures fo you!!!

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AliDyer said...

LMAO-I can see your dad and Noel Mark in one of those though ;) Hehe.