Friday, April 4, 2008


Here's the countdown of the past couple of days:

6 Months Old: Jackson is now 6 months old!!! The time has flown by and in the past couple of weeks he has really started to fill out some. It's amazing the changes that he has made!

5 days: We have completed the garden - sort of. What we've finished is actually hauling the dirt and peat moss and stuff in. It was finished this morning and now we have to wait 5 days to let the dirt "heat" and kill off anything in it. This pic is one of the plot after it's been tilled. Since this pic we have covered the garden with a clear plastic tarp and will take it off in 5 days. This will let the soil heat up and kill anything bad that might be there.

4 hours: Wes and I drove 4 hours today to Pensacola for a wedding. We were actually just about 5 minutes ahead of the tornadoes a.k.a. the "naders." Literally we had gotten just past Helena when James Spann said a wall cloud was over the area. Scary! We had hit and miss showers the rest of the way down, but we made it :-)

3 day: I have a 3 day weekend!!! I was on call again last night, so I was off today. It wasn't too bad, was home about 0100, but didn't have to go back. Wes and I got up this morning, and like I said before, finished the garden plot. I dont' like working late b/c I don't see Jackson go to bed, but I love having the next day off!!!

2A: 2 days away: This is the first time that we have really spent away from Jackson. For the next 2 days we are in Pensacola and Jackson is with my parents. So far, so good :-)

2B: 2 teeth: Jackson's got 2 teeth coming in!!! He's been drooling since he was 8 weeks old, and gnawing on his hands, feet, and generally anything he could get in his mouth for ages, but last week his little gums looked purple, and this week his first two teeth started cutting through. He's been great through it all; in fact, we were a little surprised because he hasn't fussed much lately or anything. Look closely at the pic below and you can see those little teeth on his lower gum!

1: 1 precious baby learning to crawl. Not that we're biased or anything, but Jackson's such a great baby! He's doing great crawling on our bed and his crib and starting to get it on the floor. We've been soooo blessed with him over the past 6 months and can't wait to see what he'll do next!!!

J on all 4s on our bed....

and he's off...what are we going to do now, lol?!?!

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AliDyer said...

Seriously, Jackson has the best smile!!! Happy 6 months little man! Hope y'all have fun at the beach this weekend. :)

I'm so envious of your garden. I told Wes we need to build one now!!!