Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jackson's First...

Braves' game!!! We took Jackson to his first game this past weekend to watch the Braves beat the Dodgers! So, we can take him back to lots of games according to Wes b/c the Braves won :-) What a relief, haha ;-) Even though Jackson skipped a nap and had two puny ones before that, he was a trooper. He got a little fussy around the 2 inning and by the 3rd we were up walking him around, but we stayed until the mid of the 8th. And we only left then because Wes and I were worried about getting supper and getting him asleep at the hotel (both of which were a breeze). We stayed at the Holiday Inn Select on Capitol Ave right down the street from the stadium. We stay there all the time when we go to the games - very convenient b/c it's walking distance from the stadium. We put a blanket over J's pack'n'play so it would "separate" him from us. Worked like a charm...that and the fact that he was tuckered out! What a great trip - I hope we can do it again soon :-)

Playing on the bed, working on sitting up by himself - tomorrow I'll get some new pics up - since Sat he has learned to sit up all by himself :-) How fast they change!!!

Daddy and Jackson in their Braves' gear

They took all the balls that were outside the stadium out and replaced them w/ statues of people...not sure why. This is a bust of Hank Aaron.

Too many things for J to look at...couldn't get him to look at me lol.

And the perk about being on the 3rd base side...Chipper Jones!!! My fav player on the team. Unfortunately (or not) he never would turn around :-D

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