Monday, April 21, 2008

Washington DC and Mama Monday

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but we've been sooo busy the past week and a half. Last Saturday left and spent 5 days in Washington DC for the AANA's Midyear Assembly. It was a great meeting and I learned so much! We had such a great group of people from the ALANA that went and I think we did a great job representing our profession :-) I didn't get back until Wednesday afternoon. That was just in time to spend a little time w/ Jackson before he had to go to bed. It's amazing what he learns in that little time (more on that later!). Thursday and Friday I worked, then we left again for the weekend. We took Jackson to Atlanta to his first Brave's game. That's another post though! Here's some pics from DC.

This is w/ Rep Mike Rogers. Our parents live in his district.

We had a little bit of time in between a couple of our appointments, so we browsed the Library of Congress. There are so many designs on the walls and ceilings. I took about 20 pics in there of quotes that I liked. Since this trip was about nurse anesthesia, I thought the medicine pic was appropriate.

With Artur Davis

Our nation's capital

Outside one of the buildings where our representatives work

Our whole gang

Mount Vernon - home of George Washington. We had a dinner and a tour here - it was so much fun. I've been here before, but it's been a long time, and I can definitely say I have an appreciation for places like this that I didn't have the first time I was here - lol. Guess I'm getting old ;-)

There are beautiful flower gardens at Mt Vernon. I thought these tulips were esp pretty!

Today's Mama Monday topic is Children's Music.

This is short for us b/c there are only a couple of things that we have played for Jackson so far. One of the things that I really like is this website.

So far there are only 2 CDs that we have played for him: 1) children's hymns. 2) Calling all Children to the Mardi Gras

I love the Mardi Gras CD - it's so upbeat and fun, and it has special meaning to us b/c it's by Mike Artell, who is Noel Mark's father-in-law. He's a great singer, as well as children's author and artist.

Jackson really likes when we sing to him (esp when my mom does - probably b/c her voice is MUCH better than mine ;-)) so we're looking forward to many more singing days w/ him!


Tammy said...

Beautiful photos from Washinton, DC. It's one of my favorite places to visit! See you soon.

AliDyer said...

Hey! Missed you and your posts! SOunds like you have been a very busy bee!!! :) I've never been to DC-I'd love to go.

Heather said...

DC is and Wes should go!!! There's so much to see and do :-)

Gella said...

Thanks for writing this.