Wednesday, March 4, 2009

17 Months

Jackson turned 17 months yesterday! He still hasn't figured out the whole camera deal yet and gives it the funniest looks when he runs up to me when I'm holding it. We enjoyed almost the whole day together because I was post call and off from work. We did some running around in the morning, and I had a doctor's appt in the afternoon. Nothing really to share except that I'll be seeing them again in another week. 20 days til the big day now! It's almost here :)

Jackson still loves books and "reading." He will bring a book to us and sit in our lap so we can read it together. He's learned so many words in the past couple of months, and now he opens his books, points to different objects and tells us what they are! He babbles nonstop, I'm sure a trait he's gotten from Wes. He is now very good at climbing up and down the steps - scary.

He still loves to laugh at everything! He's also cutting his canine teeth now, so he's a little cranky at times, but looking at those things poking through, I don't blame him. Still hasn't been as bad as it was when his molars were cutting though. When these canines get in, he'll have most of his teeth :D And Wes and I will be very glad!

Here's a few more words Jackson now says: please, Grandma, Granddad, Pops, Nonnie, bar (as in cereal bars, his favorite food), "ne-ne" (his word for "cleanie" our roomba), banana (nana), home, outside, and many more!

Now he is also learning the context of words and putting things together. If it's been a while since you've seen him, you'll be amazed - at least I am!

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Tammy said...

It IS amazing. It's like they go from da-da to "open the door. get in the car". Or that's exactly what my little man did.

Can't wait to get the phone call (or text).