Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Far, So Good

Everything has gone great so far. Jackson is adjusting well to having a baby in the house, and somehow Luke has managed to take naps on the couch with Jackson running all around him. I'd forgotten just how deep babies can sleep! Most of the time J's running around like usual and too busy to even notice Luke, but occassionally he'll stop and look at him. Here are some pictures from Jackie's camera. This is the only one of me that you will get while I'm at the hospital. I look awful or drugged (which I was) in the rest of them. I told Wes I was surprised that I could look that drugged from the morphine, yet still have hurt as much as I did those first 24 hrs.

Jackson just taking it all in at the hospital.

J's hit the point where he "hiding" from people by covering his eyes. I love that stage :)

Grandfather and grandson...

Sweet baby Luke on day 4. He's staying awake for periods of time and just taking it all in with his little eyes and is just the sweetest thing! Hopefully I can get some pictures of both of the boys together tomorrow - but that may be wishful thinking, lol.


Ali said...

keep the pics coming!

Valarie Lea said...

They are both so cute!

Beth said...

Cute!!!! Love the pics! Glad everyone seems to be adjusting well!

Tammy said...

Love the photos!

And I still sometimes think that if I close my eyes no one can see me. :-)