Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I know we need the rain, but we are ready for it to go away! Jackson hasn't been outside in several days to play, and let me tell y'all, he needs his nature time to run off some of that energy. He can only run so much in the house! The only good thing about the rain today was that Jackson took two good naps :) And I was able to get some work done while he napped. I've been way behind on sewing and craft things, but I got a blanket for Luke and a shirt for Jackson done.

I'm really hoping that I can make more time for this hobby once things get settled....just not sure when that will be, lol. Hopefully any day now Luke will be arriving - I'm definitely ready. I never thought Jackson would come early, but since he did, I've got high hopes that Luke will be here by weeks end...but only time will tell :) We'll keep everyone updated and post pics soon after the new little one arrives. Hope everyone has a great week!


Tammy said...

YIPEE! I can't wait to get that phone call...unless it's 0300. ;-)

Beth said...

I can't believe it is already time!!!! Can't wait to "meet" Luke!! Love the blanket and the shirt!!!!