Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A-Day and 1 Month Old

We spent a long weekend down in Auburn last week in our new RV. It was so much fun and we can't wait for football season to get here! Where our RV will be set up is right across the way from where Wes' parents RV will be. We just hung out until Saturday, then my parents and Wes' sister and fam along with some other friends came down for the game. Jackson had a blast running wide open all day everyday. Yesterday Lucas turned one month old. He's growing soooo fast! He now is cooing, having definite periods of awake time, and watching your face intently as you feed him. He's doing well sleeping and hopefully in a few more weeks he'll be sleeping through the night. The Babywise discipline is well underway ;) Jackson is still doing great, but he has realized his bro is here to stay. He's a little more clingy, especially when it's just one of us with both boys. I'm hoping this will pass soon, but only time will tell. At least he's such a sweet little guy around Luke still. He wants to kiss him all the time and runs over to him each morning yelling "hi!" It's so cute to watch! Here are a bunch of pics from last week.
Taking a break from setting up the satellite.

The RV set up

Jackson taking a brief moment to smile for the camera. He had so much fun!

Lance and Jackie. We had a great time on our extended tailgating trip:)

Full belly = happy baby

Sleepy baby

Jackson loved having his own little chair to climb in and out.

There are so many places to play in the RV

4 weeks
Jackson and Granddad hanging out
What would a tailgate be without a good game or two of cornhole??

Lucas and Grandma

Wes and Chris at the game
Most of the gang at the game

Wes and our nephew Thomas down on the field. It was really cool b/c after the game they opened the field for everyone to come down. They had players and everyone else down there signing autographs. It's a great thing for the kiddos!

Chris, me, and Wes in the end zone

I wish we could go down after all the games
One of my fav pics from the weekend - doesn't this just sum up childhood - laying in the grass just hanging out!!!


Leesa said...

I love all of the pictures. It looks like you had a great weekend.

Beth said...

Ok seriously - you look GREAT!!!! You'd never know you just had a baby a month ago!!!

The boys are so cute!! Glad you guys had a good time!